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Subjects: Math, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


Replace pointed geometry items in your class, Go Green, Save Paper - All by using eGeometry! eGeometry completely replaces the traditional Geometry box and meets all the Geometry needs of your class! This is iPad & Touch enabled as well.This is iPad & Touch enabled as well.

Practice with challenges and detailed Video Instructions

Students can take screenshot/ Download images of their geometry creations and submit it over Edmodo or email.


1. Complete Geometry Tool Box

2. Bisecting Lines using Compass - Video Instruction and Practice

3. Bisecting Angles using Protractor - Video Instruction and Practice

4. Bisecting Angles using Compass - Video Instruction and Practice

5. Find Circumcenter and draw circumcircle - Video Instruction and Practice

6. Find Incenter and draw Incircle - Video Instruction and Practice

7. Drawing a Tangent to the circle - Video Instruction and Practice

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