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FluidGraphing: A Better Graphing Calculator

by Fluidity Software, Inc

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Subjects: Math, Science

Grade: High

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


FluidGraphing is the easiest to use graphing calculator available!

Simply hand-write math expressions on the screen of an iPad, Tablet PC, or Interactive Whiteboard to easily create and explore graphs. Plot multiple functions and relations and easily display sliders to fluidly change constants.

★ Free trial at http://fluidmath.net/trial

For students & teachers of
✔ Pre-Algebra
✔ Algebra 1
✔ Algebra 2
✔ Pre-Calculus
✔ Calculus

FluidGraphing runs on iPads, Macs, Windows, Tablet PCs and Interactive Whiteboards. It is based on the technology used in the award-winning FluidMath, a research-based math teaching and learning tool proven to engage students and improve student performance. Learn more at http://www.fluiditysoftware.com

Grades 6-12

Supported Browsers
✔ iPad/iPhone Safari (iOS5 or later)
✔ Google Chrome
✔ Firefox V15+
✔ Safari
✔ IE9+

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