FluidSketch2Graph: A Better Graph Manipulative

by Fluidity Software, Inc

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Subjects: Math, Science

Grade: High

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


Use Sketch2Graph to learn more about the relationship between the graphical and algebraic representation of math expressions. In most graphing apps you provide a math expression and get a graph. With Sketch2Graph it is the opposite- you draw a graph and get back math that represents what you drew.

Pan and zoom the graph to get the view you want. Manipulate control points to move a plot and see its algebraic expression update in real-time. Click on algebraic expressions to toggle its form (e.g., vertex-form or standard form).

LINES, PARABOLAS, and ELLIPSES supported in this release

Example uses:
1. Draw a line to learn the equation for the line
2. Draw an ellipse to learn its equation
3. Learn the standard and vertex form of a parabola: draw a parabola, click on the math to toggle between the two representations

Grades 6-12
Supported Browsers
✔ iPad/iPhone Safari (iOS5 or later)
✔ Google Chrome
✔ Firefox V15+
✔ Safari
✔ IE9+

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