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If you want people to learn you must first engage them. I am a learner, educator and writer working across the globe and also now working as a development partner on the Edmodo platform. I relax on my farm in the South of France when not on a plane :-) Above all else I love to LEARN and I am always looking for new teachers to connect with, so please add me to your connections. Lets work together to make the world a smaller and more friendly place for all learners. Put the FUN back into all learning. I have taught all age groups from 4 year olds to adults and have worked as a deputy head, head teacher, school inspector, national program developer and school, district and government adviser. I was not a good student as a child at school (I am dyslexic) but through technological engagement I have now had in excess of 800 books published, appeared and written TV programs around the world, designed and developed educational computer games and undertaken lots of world travel as a Key Note Speaker on student motivation and technology integration. My PhD study related to emotion and learning. Now I devise education programs that are above all FUN and engaging for students and teachers. Join me here, @montberte or @2learn2 on twitter and as montberte on Skype. Working together we can make a real difference. Always the lifelong learner and always having fun. Voted 2nd Most influential Tweeter in Learning Technology (Worldwide Poll) @montberte and 5th as @2learn2 - always keen to multitask or is it just a split personality? Offices: London UK, California US & Carcassonne France

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