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About Ms. Stella Maris Berdaxagar

Edmodo Support Ambassador Fall 2013 , Edmodo Certified Learner  2015, Official Certified Trainer for Edmodo, a member of Edmodo Teacher Leader Hub ,Edmodo Ambassador of the year for 2015 ,Microsoft Innovative Educator  Expert 2016 , content curator and lifelong learner .I am a teacher of English as a second language and an Education & ICT Specialist from Quemú Quemú, La Pampa in the center of Argentina. I integrate  ICT in my flipped  classes as well as cooperative work, peer and teacher scaffolding and collaborative learning based on the TPCK and SAMR models  .I work at my own language center "Academia de Inglés Internacional" . I worked  at  N° 8 School   Elementary School and at the local High Schools, Amadeo Jacques Institute and Colegio Secundario María Ofelia Espósito. In August,2013 ,I was asked to join The Edmodo Ambassador Group which made me very happy. I am  Coursera, Symbaloo , Sophia Certified, Adobe Youth Voices Educator and Microsoft Innovative Educator. I have taken part in Second Life MOOCs in Spanish and in English. I am particularly interested in learning about 21st Century skills ,content curation, multiple intelligences and multiliteracies in the digital age as well as neurolinguistics applied to it. I interact with Edmodo Communities daily; they are my extended community of practice of global lifelong learners. My Twitter handle is <span style="">@<span style="">SMBerdaxagar</span></span>,  my LinkedIn profile is shown here : <span style="">https://ar.linkedin.com/in/smberdaxagar</span>  ; my Microsoft profile is shown here : https://education.microsoft.com/Status/Public/Achievements?token=fOOvYoyw  ;you may visit my blog :https://smberdaxagar2010.wordpress.com/ and my Spotlight beta products :https://spotlight.edmodo.com/profile/stella-maris-berdaxagar--15962869/.