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I teach science and direct a program for adults that mentor at-risk students. God Squad BC, a Bible search group for those who want to know what scripture actually says, is under my sponsorship. I'm a native of Columbia, SC and have been teaching at BC since 1973. My husband and I have two grown children and four grandchildren. We are a family of teachers. My husband is a retired high school AP government and AP European history teacher, our daughter teaches middle school social studies in PA, our son teaches engineering and computer science AP at Dreher HS, our grandson teaches elementary school in PA, and our granddaughter is training to be a high school math teacher st the University of Utah. My passions are people and nature. Adventures for me come via camping, hiking, and travelling new places interacting with the locals. Respect of all people is mandated in all of my classes. BS-University of SC: Biology & Health Education 1973 MAT-University of SC: Health Education 1977 EFM-Univ of the South Theological Seminary: Lay Ministry 1996 EdD-Walden University: Teacher Leadership 2008
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