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About Mrs. Sharen Swagerty

I am a sixth grade teacher at Jenks East Intermediate in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have been a teacher in Jenks since 1991 and have loved every moment of my teaching experience here. I have also taught English and social studies in Kansas, Georgia, and New Jersey. I began teaching high school journalism and sponsoring the high school's newspaper in 1975. Next I taught English and science to seventh graders in Georgia. After having taught all ages from seventh graders to seniors for ten years, I switched to teaching fifth grade language arts in New Jersey. I was fulfilling my dream of teaching most every grade level and every subject. Knowing I would want to teach students of all ages, I earned my undergraduate degree in secondary education and my masters degree in elementary education. I began teaching math, science, and history here at JEI in 2001. I have now gone full circle and am again teaching language arts. Providing myself new challenges keeps me fresh and energetic. Teaching eleven and twelve-year-olds keeps me young. I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was in the sixth grade and never deviated from that goal because teaching children is what I was created to do.

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