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About Mrs. Regina Reyna

I have lived in South Texas my entire life. Starting my 14th year at Memorial High School. Teaching Graphic Design & Illustration literally came looking for me, I applied and love all of what I do. I enjoy capturing images of my students during athletic events. I started my love for photography since I was 13 years old. I think of outside the box ideas for graphic design projects for my students and some of the grants I have been awarded are: ING Unsung Hero, Jordan Fundamentals, Best Buy, Toyota International Teacher Program, Teacher Ranger to Teacher Program (North Cascades National Park & Santa Monica National Recreation Area), and other local grants.  I continue to strive to seek new avenues of knowledge that motivate me to find strategies to allow my students to problem solve and have their solutions empower them as individuals to seek and set goals to improve their current and future endeavors.

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