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Mrs. Crosier is the creator and director of the Quantum Leap Exhibit Program, which is hosted by Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington, Vermont. The Quantum Leap Exhibit Program works in conjunction with, and hosts students of, Mount Anthony Union High School, the MAUHS Alternative Education Program, the Bridges Summer Transitional Program, and Bennington College. The program focuses on providing both transitional and academic support through interest-based learning experiences. To contact the Quantum Leap Exhibit Program: Mrs. D. Crosier, Director dcrosier@svsu.org (802) 447-7511 Ext. 417 Amy Bolio, Program Office Secretary abolio@svsu.org (802) 447-7511 Ext. 413 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions WHAT DO STUDENTS DO IN THE QUANTUM LEAP EXHIBIT PROGRAM? The students of the Quantum Leap Exhibit Program will be involved in an integrated, and culturally stimulating, learning experience and given the opportunity to improve their organizational, researching, and writing skills by working on individual and group projects. They will focus great effort on producing work that is of exceptional quality to be included in the end of the semester exhibit, which will be on display for public scrutiny and/or publication. They will be very, very busy and they will be active and dynamically involved. They will receive continuous support and all assignments will be personalized to better meet the interests, requirements, credit needs, and educational levels of each individual student. There will be an emphasis on building an appreciation of learning for the sciences, arts, culture, and humanities. WHO IS TYPICALLY RECOMMENDED FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE QUANTUM LEAP EXHIBIT PROGRAM? The students of the Quantum Leap Exhibit Program are hand selected by Mount Anthony Union High School Principal, Sue Maguire, or referred through the Bridges Summer Transitional Program (a summer program for at-risk youth). They are students who exhibit great potential, yet, for one reason or another, have been currently identified as “at-risk.” Key identifying factors for “at-risk” incoming freshman include loss of class credit at the Middle School level, while key identifying behaviors for those already in the high school environment include loss of high school credit due to disengagement, lack of motivation or effort, and/or a pattern of absences, tardies, or cuts. The classroom provides contacts and structural supports for re-engagement, while focusing strongly on academics through the development of personal choice. Spaces are limited to class size. IS THE QUANTUM LEAP EXHIBIT PROGRAM A SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM? No. The Quantum Leap Exhibit Program is not a special education program; however, we do strive to accommodate individual needs as much as possible. At times, these may be greater than we are capable of servicing and, therefore, alternative arrangements or placements may need to be made. The Quantum Leap Exhibit Program is a Bennington College Program based at Mount Anthony Union High School. The focus is on engaging and/or re-engaging high school students in academics. The level of standards is extremely high, as evidenced by student investment. For further information please contact the classroom directly at 802-447-7511 Ext. 417 or speak with Mount Anthony Union High School Principal, Sue Maguire. MAY I VISIT THE QUANTUM LEAP EXHIBIT PROGRAM? Of course! We welcome outside visitors, family members, and professionals. Student visitors (peers), however, are not permitted during class hours as we have found that they are a distraction. Don’t be shy! If you are a parent or guardian of a student, we want to keep in contact with you and involve you (as much as you are willing) in your son or daughter’s education. (For security purposes, all visitors are required to obtain a visitor's pass from the main office of Mount Anthony Union High School on the day of the visit.)
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