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  • Ms. Bibbo's avatar
    did anyone get this app to work. I purchased the other day but my class can't assess it on the school computers and no one can save a creation
  • Ms. Oleotti's avatar
    Does this app work on the ipad?
  • Mr. McDowell's avatar
    Is anyone else having trouble getting Powtoon to work in Edmodo? I am getting error messages. $36.00 for an app that hasn't worked in a week. Starting to feel like a scam.
  • Angie Mathews's avatar
    What if I already have a classroom account? Am I expected to pay the additional fee to use the edmodo app?
    • Mr. McDowell - I'm guessing yes. However, my edmodo app has been unavailable for 4 days now. I have emailed numerous times and the issue is still not fixed. I am very disappointed with Powtoon's so-called "awesomeness" thus far.

      • Nov 4, 2014
  • Mr. McDowell's avatar
    I am receiving an internal server error when trying to access Powtoon. How is this issue resolved?
  • Mrs. Place's avatar
    Hi Powtoon, I see that you are giving away $5 million worth of classroom accounts.
    Thank you very much.

    How can we integrate this awesome giveaway with Edmodo? I would love the accounts but need the single sign on that your Edmodo App provides. Any Ideas?
    • Mrs. Brown - Great idea! i used PowToon with my 8th graders last year & loved it.

      • Aug 21, 2014
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      • PowToon Ltd - Hi everyone. Because this is a different platform we unfortunately are not able to extend the same offer but the prices on Edmodo are significantly lower than they are in Powtoon.com.

        • Aug 21, 2014
      • Mr. McDowell - They are lower prices because it doesn't work with Edmodo. Someone dropped the ball on this. The app never should have been made available with this many issues. Awesomeness is definitely not the word for the software.

        • Nov 6, 2014
    • Ms. Martus - I made a movie/slides that I would like to continously loop as students come in at the start of class, does anyone know how to get a Powtoon to keep playing over again?

      • Aug 6, 2014
  • Ms. Martus's avatar
    I made a movie/slides that I would like to continously loop as students come in at the start of class, does anyone know how to get a Powtoon to keep playing over again?
    • PowToon Ltd - HI Ms. Martus, please contact support@powtoon.com for help with this issue. They are the best at advising on any feature or technical related question.

      • Aug 21, 2014
  • Mrs. Endrizzi's avatar
    Hi! Where can I find some simple VIDEO tutorials to get started with Powtoon? Tried looking on google but no luck so far!
  • Mrs. Hancock's avatar
    My subscription to PowToon expired, is there somewhere I can still access my created PowToons? I created an account at powtoon.com and they are not there. I'm worried I lost all of my work!!
    • Mrs. Misiano - I'd love to know the answer to this too...as my subscription will run out before I'll be able to renew it.

      • Apr 7, 2014
  • Mrs. Misiano's avatar
    I am still having powtoon woes...but no one is helping me...who to contact? I've tried tweeting, emailing, edmodo-ing....no one helps :(
    • Mr. McDowell - I hear you! They are quick to take the money but I am still not able to access the app via Edmodo.

      • Nov 6, 2014
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PowToon is the brand new Do-It-Yourself animated presentation tool that teachers and students to create animated presentations and videos! visit us at http://www.powtoon.com

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