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    Hey teachers, tell us how you Nulu! We always love hearing all the creative ideas that teachers come up with. Share how you've incorporated our program into your Spanish classroom!
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    Check out the latest story within our Spanish/Latin Culture category: Extreme Tourism in Bolivia!
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    Which category of Nulu stories do you and your students enjoy the most?

    • U.S. 6.67%, 1 vote(s)
    • Sports & Entertainment 13.33%, 2 vote(s)
    • Business 0 vote(s)
    • International 13.33%, 2 vote(s)
    • Science & Technology 6.67%, 1 vote(s)
    • Politics 0 vote(s)
    • Spanish & Latin Culture 53.33%, 8 vote(s)
    • Travel 6.67%, 1 vote(s)
    Total votes: 15 (Refresh)
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    Greetings Spanish Instructors!

    We have some awesome news! We just released a new teacher tool that lets you create assignments and track students' progress. Drop us a comment if you'd like more information on how to set up your class. We'll get you all set up with teacher access to start assigning Nulu stories in no time!
    • Nulu Languages - Sure! Can you sign up for an account at Then, we'll be able to give you teacher access :)

      • Oct 17, 2012
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      • Ms. Sano - I am using Nulu with my classes and assigning readings each week. Can I link this to Edmodo? Also some of my student accounts don't seem to be accurate. Students say they did the questions and it is not showing in my screen.

        • Feb 3, 2013
      • Nulu Languages - You are more than welcome to post your assignments on Edmodo! Are you currently using our progress tracking? Make sure the students are logging in and doing their work using the exact email address that is listed on your teacher dashboard! If they do, you'll be able to see their completion of stories. Please use our chat support feature on the site if you have any further questions. Happy Nulu-ing!

        • Feb 4, 2013
      • Nulu Languages - Read the news. Learn a language.

        Check out Nulu's demo video and learn how to Nulu-fy your life!

        • Aug 30, 2012

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    Read the news. Learn a language.

    Check out Nulu's demo video and learn how to Nulu-fy your life!
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Nulu combines fresh news, human translation and pronunciation, and a contextualized review system to effectively and enjoyably complement foreign language instruction. Whatever else you do, be sure to Nulu too!


Like it. Get it. Keep it.

Like it: For anyone older than six, learning a language is a long-term task that must be viewed in the context of a marathon and not a sprint. In order to stay in the race long enough to achieve any lasting and meaningful level of proficiency, a student needs to maintain motivation. From the starting blocks to the home-stretch, the material through which the language is learned must, therefore, be as interesting and appealing as possible.

Get it: In addition, interaction with that material must result in a clear connection between the words and their meanings in order to make each encounter a positive reinforcement of progress and understanding instead of a negative experience characterized by confusion and frustration.

Keep it: Finally, new words must get reviewed in order for them to become a lasting part of a student’s linguistic arsenal. This type of engagement in the studied language needs to continue on an open-ended, daily basis for as long as the student hopes to communicate in the language without being surrounded by it (i.e., living where it's spoken).



"Nulu is a great tool for both teachers and students to use. I have never seen a learning tool that combined reading comprehension and listening comprehension so effectively."
- Rodolfo Mata, Spanish Instructor, UCSD

"I found Nulu to be a great tool for students!! It is easy to use, pedagogically sound, and is above and beyond any other tool I have seen that works on reading comprehension. Thank you!"
- Melissa Boroughs, Spanish Instructor, Loyola University Chicago

"I love it! Nulu is refreshing and relevant. I am excited to try this...with my Intermediate I students!!"
- Kristy Britt, Senior Instructor of Spanish, Director of Language Resource Center, University of South Alabama

"Nulu does something that we as language instructors do not have the time or resources or ability to create ourselves. I think it can really be a useful tool."
- Brian Cope, Associate Professor, Chair of Spanish Department, Wooster College

Claudia Larrotta at Etowah High School wrote "It is a great resource to engage students in reading activities and help them to develop and/or improve their comprehension skills in the Spanish language. The reading passages are interesting, the audio, translation features, vocab building and reading comprehension activities are very engaging. Thanks for creating this amazing resource."

Niki Bates at El Camino HS "It's a great supplement that students can access on their own time. It's been very useful as reading/listening practice in preparation for the AP test."

Mary Kempen at Ohio Northern University wrote "I'm excited about Nulu. It offers a good selection of topics I can later incorporate into class discussions and writing assignments for my composition class.

Patti Marinelli at University of South Carolina wrote "It's a great new tool!"

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