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  • Mrs. Thame's avatar
    I have a subtext account, I want to go Premium for my students. I understand it is $3 per student, how do I pay for this and get my students signed up. This will not be a school wide thing, just for my students about 60 of them.
    • Subtext - Hi there, what part of the country are you in and i'll put you in touch w/ a sales rep. you can buy 60 licenses ($3 per year) and pick your start date... thanks!

      • May 18, 2015
    • Mrs. Thame - I am in Dillingham Alaska

      • May 18, 2015
    • Subtext - Hi Mrs. Thame, the sales rep in your region is John Paulson. He is If easier, I can send him your email (just email me at thanks!

      • May 19, 2015
  • Mrs. Radka's avatar
    Hello! I am mentoring a student who is working on a independent study project. She has chosen to write a novel, and would love to have the novel published-- I'm talking 10-15 copies. Does anyone know of a vendor or program that would allow us to do this for free and/or cheap? I think it would add to her independent study experience and help her understand the publication process.Thanks!
  • C F's avatar
    So after much trial and error I figured out how to get my students to see a book I shared with them, yet the multiple choice and free response question I put into the text are not showing on the students version of the book? Am I doing something wrong? This is really confusing!
    • Subtext - Hi CF - are your students using edmodo on the web? (i.e. just looking at the stream for your shared annotations that come from Subtext?) Or do they also have iPads and they are not seeing your notes? One thing to check is whether or not they are in your group. If you want to email us your account name and/or email, we can look you up. thanks!

      • Jan 21, 2015
    • Subtext - Oh and you can reach me at thanks!

      • Jan 21, 2015
    • C F - Thanks Heidi I emailed you. My students are all using the iPad app and are all in my groups!

      • Jan 21, 2015
  • C F's avatar
    I added a PDF of mine to subtext on my iPad and it works OK. When I open Subtext on the web, I'm able to see that PDF in my library but am not able to read it or ask questions. Is that not a feature of the web app right now? If not, do you know if it will be? I see that if I add a document on the Web app through Subtext's search, I can read it and ask questions, but not those added as a PDF on the ipad?
    • Subtext - Hi there- you are correct. PDFs are not yet supported on the Web, just AR 360 and Subtext iOS products. You can search for any web article and import those, or use our collections. You can also bring in free or paid books from Google and Feedbooks.

      • Jan 20, 2015
    • C F - Thanks got it. I have another question
      1. I have a work Ipad and a home Ipad. I added a PDF and questions on the home iPad but when I login on my work iPad with the same login I get nothing - I mean I can't see the PDF or questions?

      • Jan 20, 2015
    • Subtext - Hi CF - can you email me what email address you are using to login? Are you logging in via Google or Edmodo? Are you sure you're using the same exact login for both? If you email us your account details we can look you up... you should see the same stuff regardless of device that you use. thanks!

      • Jan 21, 2015
  • Mrs. Pereira's avatar
    Why will there only be a PAID version of Subtext and not a limited FREE version of this tool? I read the statement posted on Subtext, but this was not clear. I'm assuming that the partnership with Renaissaince is not allowing for the free option.
    • Mrs. Pereira - This is what I understood unless I am mistaken.

      • Dec 18, 2014
    • Subtext - Hi Mrs. P - that's right. We are moving to be a premium app on iOS this summer (July 1). You'd have to buy through Renaissance at that point. You can read our blog post from the fall (we are trying to give teachers / schools a full year to plan) here:

      • Jan 20, 2015
  • Mrs. McConnell's avatar
    I m trying to use subtext with a group. I just added the app to the group but when they go into the app, it does not show them in this group. I tried having them log out then back in to Edmodo. I was hoping to use with my reading class today. Please help.
    • Mrs. McConnell - No - Even though they ARE in an ACTIVE edmodo group, I still had to have them join the SUBTEXt group as well. :(

      • Dec 11, 2014
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      • Subtext - Hi Sandy- I don't even see you in our system, are you using another name when you log in? if you can email me at with a couple of the student names that aren't working, we will check it out. The only sandy mcconnell i see in our system has no groups. thanks! Heidi

        • Dec 11, 2014
      • Subtext - Thanks for the email, Sandy. I am working this out over email with you now. I sent you a note just now... hoping that fix works.

        • Dec 12, 2014
      • Mrs. Lane - When I try to download/install the subtext app on edmodo it is producing an error message. Is there something wrong on your end or mine?

        • Nov 20, 2014
    • Subtext - Hi Mrs Lane, we are seeing some failures coming from Edmodo at install. We are investigating this and will post here when we know more. Thank you for your patience.

      • Nov 20, 2014
  • Mrs. Lane's avatar
    When I try to download/install the subtext app on edmodo it is producing an error message. Is there something wrong on your end or mine?
    • Subtext - Hi Mrs Lane, we are seeing some failures coming from Edmodo at install. We are investigating this and will post here when we know more. Thank you for your patience.

      • Nov 20, 2014
    • Subtext - Hi again- the installs are now fixed. Please let us know if you see any other issues. Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Nov 26, 2014
  • Ms. Smith's avatar
    Either I'm an idiot or something is wrong. Is this FREE or not. I've practiced with this before with success using one of my "fake" Edmodo groups. Now I want to present how this can be used, but via the iPad app, I'm being asked to purchase additional licenses to use with the students in my Edmodo group. Confused.
    • Subtext - Hi Ms. Smith - Subtext on the iPad is a free app with premium features inside it. Those features cost $2.99/student/year. Subtext's Edmodo app is also free- and serves as a "connection" between your students/groups on Edmodo and your iPad. You can see the difference between the free and premium iPad features here: (Note: we recently announced that we are going fully premium on 7/1/15 but we wanted to give teachers a full school year more...
      • Oct 29, 2014
  • Mr. Meyers's avatar
    Hello people of Subtext,

    I have installed Subtext on my iPad, downloaded the subtext app in my group on Edmodo and am having trouble with Subtext information showing up in my Edmodo feed. Any discussion questions, polls, etc do not end up in the feed after sharing (even though in the Subtext ipad app, under discussion, it says shared with that group). The only messages that are getting through are the group "send an update" messages. Thoughts?
    • Subtext - Hi Mr. Meyers- it sounds like you are on an older version of our iPad app. Now you can add either 'Comments' or you can 'Ask'. Comments share to Edmodo - but make sure you are checking the 'share on edmodo' box like this: Please let us know if you see this option when you click 'Comment', then choose a group to share to. We have tested this on several groups and it's more...
      • Oct 7, 2014
  • Mrs. Frazier's avatar
    Hello there! I've tried to add my edmodo group to subtext multiple times and it isn't showing up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application several times and I've still had no luck. How can I fix this, so that my group shows up and I can buy licenses for them? Thanks
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Engage a class in a collaborative discussion around any digital text, including ebooks, articles and PDFs. Use Subtext to build background knowledge, check for understanding or scaffold a more challenging text. No matter if you have one cart of iPads or a full 1:1 classroom, Subtext supports close reading and critical analysis across the curriculum. Web reader coming soon!

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