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    Tricia Fuglestad just did a presentation at the 77th Annual Kutztown University Art Conference in PA. She was nice enough to share her ‪#‎Edtech‬ advice and knowledge in her blog. Her lesson plans are always amazing!
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    This is a great Green Screen by Do Ink Tutorial by Goldfinch Technology. They are showing the students in a newsroom type background, which is a very popular Green Screen background used in school videos.
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    Want to put a video into Green Screen? This is a great Tutorial for anyone who wants to learn how to download a video into Green Screen. This tutorial from Chad Lehman uses iCab Mobile browser app and imports it into the Green Screen by DoInk
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    What can I do with a Green Screen? Well here are some really great ideas with some great inspiration from from Ms. Cepeda.
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    An original Thanksgiving poem starring the teachers is always fun for the whole school. Thank you Lisa Posphisil for creating and sharing with Green Screen by DoInk.
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    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at DoInk!
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    Facts & Opinions video about Insects a 1st grade project. Learn about insects by researching them and then present your findings in front of Green Screen by DoInk! Thank you @AmandaJeane2 for sharing this great project.
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    For Anti-bullying week Mrs. Addison's class made this project called Peace in my Fingers. Such a great and creative way to talk to students and have them understand Anti-bullying.‪
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    We are so impressed with how schools are using technology. A video or "Weekly Geek report" can showcase new technology like Green Screen and also educate the teachers and students on how they can use it. This video from Marc and Megan at Lamoille Union tells you all about their new tech.
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    What I am thankful for video using DoInk Green Screen by DoInk; this is such a great Thanksgiving Project for the Students and their Parents! Thank you Ms. Riley for sharing this with us.
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