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    Awesome Science Board Game (perfect for the Common Core & STAAR exams). The pictures of the game and ease of directions is what guided my purchase. Purchased 1 and obtained permission to reproduce as many as I need for my personal classroom.

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    Long time user of Quizlet, my favourite IT educational tool. What's this Quizlet live I've heard tell of?

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    • Mr. cunningham
      Mr. Cunningham said Mar 14, 2016

      Sounds great. I presume I need a paid teacher account?

    • Ms. Toerge
      Ms. Toerge said Mar 14, 2016

      Not sure, check your account. Do you see a "Beta Live" on the left top or right top? If not send me your quizlet username and I will turn it in to the quiz let people. The kids actually have to collaborate in order to win. So super awesome! My fellow teacher friends do not have a paid account but I did submit their usernames .

    • Mr. cunningham
      Mr. Cunningham said Mar 15, 2016

      Thanks. I'll check.

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    Can I copy and past a quiz to edmodo??

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    • Mrs. Hooks
      Mrs. Hooks said Oct 22, 2015

      thank you so much
      In the quiz box???

    • Mr. Weitz
      Mr. Weitz said Oct 22, 2015

      No. It would go in either a note or in an assignment. The only downside to that is that it will not automatically go into your gradebook. As far as I know, you cannot copy and paste a quiz (unless you do it question by question, answer option by answer option) into an Edmodo quiz. That would be great.

    • Mr. Wright
      Mr. Wright said Nov 19, 2015

      Use a google doc to create the quiz (you can paste the entire question with answers into the text box), Copy the link, upload to edmodo, grade and analyze with flubaroo.

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    Just discovered your website and love it. Question, though, will there be an edmodo app on the way?

    • Mrs. Hislop
      Mrs. Hislop said Aug 19, 2015

      There already is.......go to the play store on your phone and download Edmodo đŸ˜€

    • Mr. Porritt
      Mr. Porritt said Aug 19, 2015

      Thanks but that's not quite what I'm looking for. I was hoping for an imbedded app in edmodo for quizlet so I donth have to link quizzes manually.

    • Mrs. Hislop
      Mrs. Hislop said Aug 19, 2015

      Ok. Sorry about that.

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    Here's what it does if you use the embed code Quizlet provides. The students stay here in Edmodo and can study the flashcards and play games (my preference). Click to see the difference.

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    • Christine Gallagher
      Christine Gallagher said Aug 18, 2015

      WOO HOO I did it. WOW I was totally missing the boat on that one. Thank you so much for your help!

    • Ms. Basham
      Ms. Basham said Aug 18, 2015

      No sweat!

    • Mrs. Patton
      Mrs. Patton said Aug 20, 2015

      This is great! Thank you.

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    Here's what it does if you just link it.

    It sends the students outside of Edmodo to Quizlet (not a bad option, just not what I wanted).

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    <iframe src="https://quizlet.com/80189331/learn/embedv2" height="410" width="100%" style="border:0;"></iframe>

    • Mr. Pardo
      Mr. Pardo said Oct 1, 2015

      I've tried to paste this in edmodo:
      <iframe src="https://quizlet.com/95826399/flashcards/embed" height="410" width="100%" style="border:0"></iframe>
      But it does'nt work! It doesn't seem as the embed code pasted above: https://quizlet.com/80189331/learn/embedv2
      What am I doing wrong?

  • Ms. Basham's avatar

    I have a question. Now that Edmodo is forcing us the paste the link in the note's text rather than letting us link, how do I use embed code? Specifically, I like to embed Quizlet flashcards and games in my classes' feed, but I can't anymore. : (

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    • Ms. Basham
      Ms. Basham said May 14, 2015

      I posted an example of each (link vs. embed) above.

    • Teri Smith
      Teri Smith said May 14, 2015

      I'm not seeing your original problem? I can link and/or embed just as I always have without any difficulty. No limit to the number of links either.

    • Ms. Basham
      Ms. Basham said May 15, 2015

      Mr. Smith, I just got a reply from Edmodo support. Looks like they fixed the problem after I complained yesterday. How's that for service huh? : )

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    hello all,
    is there someone from Thailand in this community? In summer I will visit your country and I would be glad to get some tips, where to go.


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    Above is the video of how to use Quizlet here is the study set.

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