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    My class accessed NoRedInk through our Edmodo accounts. Now that it is no longer available through Edmodo, how can I access those same classes? Is my Edmodo login and password supposed to work on NoRedInk?

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    Hi guys. My NoRedInk free unlimited access will expire soon. Does that mean I can't use it anymore? Is there a way to continue the free access? please advise. thanks.

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    The app is not there for me to download. Any tips???

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    My app disappeared from my Edmodo page as well as my students'...

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    • Ms. Morley
      Ms. Morley said Mar 11, 2016

      Same here! Did you ever find a solution?

    • Ms. Fucci
      Ms. Fucci said Mar 11, 2016

      I just re-downloaded the app. Luckily it saved all of my students' info. I think the license had just expired.

    • Ms. Morley
      Ms. Morley said Mar 14, 2016

      Thank you, that worked!

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    When one of my students logs on to NOREDINK and presses the start button, the program identifies her as another student

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    A new student enrolled in my class at semester break. He has now enrolled in my class on Edmodo but it did not enroll him in my No Red Ink class. How do I add him before the next assignment is posted? I don't want him to miss that assignment.

    • Ms. Scott
      Ms. Scott said Jan 22, 2016

      When I have had this problem in the past I usually go to the "Manage" portion of the Edmodo store and uninstall the app for that class. Then I go back to my homepage, refresh, and then go back into "Manage" and add the class back in. Usually that does the trick. You will not lose any of the previous data from that class. Hope that helps!

    • Ms. Alexander
      Ms. Alexander said Feb 26, 2016

      Good to know, Ms. Scott! Thanks!

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    I am wondering about the MLA portion of No Red Ink. Why does it place in-text citations in the middle and not at the end of the sentence? Am I missing something? Can NRI change this? https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/7...

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    I re-added NoRedInk at the beginning of the year, now it's disappeared. In addition, when I go to the app store and try to re-add it again, it won't add. Can someone shed some light on the situation?

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    Last week I was using your app via Edmodo. Several of my students using Chrome books didn't get the pop up window asking them to identify themselves as male or female and age. Only the students on MacBooks could get into the app via the pop up window.

    Do you know why this is the case? How can I get my students with Chrome Books to receive that pop up when they launch No Red Ink via Edmodo in their apps launcher?

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    where is NoREdInk? when I click on the apps link it's missing, not there

    • Ms. Walterscheid
      Ms. Walterscheid said Oct 6, 2015

      Go to the app store and "purchase" it for your classes. Since it's free, you just have to check the boxes first. Then it will appear in your app launcher.

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