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    Checkout my students #ezine projects curated on #EduClipper!! Teaching #edtech multiple platforms! #ICT
  • José Antonio Ordóñez's avatar
    Hola les comparto esta propuesta didáctica.
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    Hi. I am trying to get together a purchase order. Could you please message your address and phone number for our bookkeeper? Thank you, Terri Tomassi (This page is open to the public on the web so I don't want to publish my email)
    • Educreations - Terri - can you send an email to We'll be glad to help you out with this.

      • Mar 30, 2015
  • Mrs. Coburn's avatar
    I haven't been able to find your pricing schedule.
  • Mrs. Hoge's avatar
    Educreations you are AweSome! When will you join the Edmodo App Store? I would love for students to be able to connect to you via the Edmodo App. Then students could turn in their videos directly to me in Edmodo. Thank you for your consideration!!!
    • Señora Simmons - Students should be able to copy the lesson link and upload it to an assignment in Edmodo.

      • Nov 11, 2014
    • Mr. Weiland - They can :-) Which makes it faster for teachers to check out their students work.

      • Feb 20, 2015
  • Mrs. McGuire's avatar
    I am trying to upgrade my version of Educreations, but I need to pay with a district purchase order. I cannot find a contact number on your website! Help! : )
    • Educreations - Mrs. McGuire - can you email we'll be glad to help you out.

      • Nov 4, 2014
    • Mrs. McGuire - Definitely... thank you!

      • Nov 4, 2014
    • Mrs. Tomassi - Just saw this. :)

      • Mar 30, 2015
  • Ms. Maye's avatar
    I am new to educreations. I created some slides. Is there a way to post the presentation without having to use voice so it will show up? I accidentally added voice to only two slides and when I went to try and put things up only those few slides with the voice even showed up -- the others without voice did not... What did I do wrong... ? Sorry, haven't had a lot of time to go over thing or to review the tutorials... Know you all have already seen them.
    • Mr. Ramirez - The new updated app allows you to delete your recordings if you'd like. Click the erase feature, and you can choose what you would like to delete. It can be voice, drawings, or all. This allows you to create videos without voice. Another option is to use the Educreations website and use it without a mic.

      • Oct 23, 2014
    • Educreations - Ms. Maye - your final video will only contain the portions of your presentation that you record. Please make sure to record something on the pages you want to include in your video.

      • Oct 24, 2014
  • Mrs. Rodriguez's avatar
    How can I adjust the size and position of images I insert into the slides from the web or the map function?
    • Educreations - Just use two fingers to pinch to resize any image. Map images, which are available as part of Educreations Pro, fill the entire whiteboard, and cannot be resized.

      • Oct 23, 2014
  • Mr. Salas's avatar
    How do I change the way the "pen" is working? It seems with the new update the pen changed to dots rather than a solid line on the entire cart of iPads. Is there an easy fix to go back to solid line? Thanks
    • Educreations - Hi Mr. Salas! The drawing bug is fixed in our version 2.0.2 update, which we recently released. Please make sure to download the update.

      • Oct 17, 2014
  • Mr. Scaringi's avatar
    My students have the free Educreations app on their Ipads. I set up a class and an assignment. I can see that the students have entered the class code and joined the class. But even though they completed an assignment on their Ipad, on my class site it is saying that they have not created any lessons. Lessons from only 4 students out of 20 show up???
    • Educreations - Please contact and we'll help you sort it out.

      • Oct 14, 2014
    • Cathy Pons - I have my students create their final product on Educreations....screen shot.....and TURN IN on edmodo.

      • Oct 14, 2014
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