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  • Mrs. Spahn's avatar
    When will a Socrative app for Edmodo be available?
  • Mrs. Scott's avatar
    I can't find Socrative in the Edmodo store -- I thought it was there last year...
    • Mr. Powell - Use Chrome and type in Socrative. Not in edmodo.

      • Oct 1, 2015
  • Mrs. Brown's avatar
    I'm only seeing Socrative for specific science classes. I have the app on my students' iPads, but I would like to use it within Edmodo. Is there a regular Socrative app within Edmodo or only subject specific (science)?
  • Mrs. Kerns's avatar
    I have been using your site for 2 years and students LOVE it! #1. I have 2 different subjects that use socrative. Is there a way to leave two tests open and running at night for students to practice at night? Or do I need to make another socrative account with a different room number? #2. I would like to take some of my quizzes and download them into Edmodo. Suggestions versus retyping them all in.
    • Mr. Starkey - I have created separate accounts for each of my classes using Socrative. Socrative is OK with that.

      • Oct 30, 2015
  • Mrs. Mitchell's avatar
    Can I leave a socrative activity running overnight and allow students to login from home? I'd like to run one as a practice test that they can study and read explanations of the correct answers.
    • Sra. Carolyn Turner, NBCT - Yes, just don't sign out of your account, leave it open.

      • Mar 10, 2015
    • Mrs. James - Ooooh!!! What a GREAT idea!

      • Mar 25, 2015
    • Sra. Carolyn Turner, NBCT - Thank you, Mrs. James. Glad you like the idea.

      Do keep in mind that Socrative is making some changes to it's site. I've been running into problems with Socrative going off-line unexpectedly for the last 2 weeks. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and back to it's normal level of performance!

      • Mar 25, 2015
  • Mr. Richardson's avatar
    I appreciate Socrative 1.0 and 2.0 very much and considered purchasing the Edmodo app. I was holding out in the hopes that the Edmodo app would soon be upgraded to 2.0 and, while I am not holding my breath, a price drop would be nice too. I have noticed that the Edmodo Socrative app is no longer listed in the Edmodo app store. Is it gone for good? Is it only temporarily unavailable? Thank you for your help and for providing a great product!
  • Mr. Talmadge's avatar
    Is there a plan for converting the Edmodo Socrative app to version 2.0? I would love that! Thanks...
  • Mr. Richardson's avatar
    I appreciated the improvements introduced when 2.0 was released and, despite of all the complaints I read about the awesome and free tools Socrative provides, have continued to use ever since with great success. Is there any time frame in mind to map the iOS apps to the beta version? Thank you.
  • Ms. mc donnell's avatar
    Hi, is anyone experiencing any problems with the socrative app in general (not the app for linking to edmodo). When I set a test I have noticed that the students are asked to log in and it lets them put the room number in and their name but then the options are finish and log out or let another student take the test, it does not let them in to see the questions?
    • Ms. Maynard - If you go to and email them (under the "contact us" tab, I've had good luck with them getting back to me pretty fast.

      • Mar 2, 2014
    • Ms. Mc Donnell - Thanks, have just tried it after your advice, so fingers crossed, Thanks again

      • Mar 2, 2014
    • Mrs. Maud - you must be logged in at the same time

      • Mar 2, 2014
  • Mr. Gardner's avatar
    I'm afraid I think this is massively overpriced. While I'm happy to pay a small amount for the pleasure of integrating with Edmodo, I'd rather create my own Quizzes (or use the socrative website) rather than fork out for this.
    • Mr. McKenzie - Absolutely agree ... I'm off to do the same thing!

      • Jan 30, 2014
    • Mr. Harvey - in full agreement. Would not be so bad if it was per school. Will not be purchasing.

      • Jan 31, 2014
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