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  • Ms. Blaise's avatar
    I have Smartboard model m600, the smart ink icon disappears and does not work in Word, Excel, etc. However, it does work in Smart notebook. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
  • Ms. Harden's avatar
    I already paid for this, and I cannot add it to my class?
  • Mr. Chupeck's avatar
    I seem to be having an issue with 13 colonies app,When I installed it to my classes it would not show up in my posts to the students. I also purchased it last year, and it said unlimited. Was it just changed to a yearly license?
  • Ms. Kosakowski's avatar
    I purchased Teq PD for $3.00 unlimited, but no one else in my group can use it - it keeps asking them to buy and download the app. What am I doing wrong?
  • Mr. Almeida's avatar
    With the school year back in gear, here are VIDEOS designed for teachers, parents and students to understand the concepts and skills required with the COMMON CORE STANDARDS FOR MATHEMATICS. Please share them with your family and friends!
  • Mr. DE MEIJ's avatar
    Check out & share "Smartphones in Education," a FREE eMagazine you can subscribe to, containing many excellent resources and ideas. You'll surely like what you see; I guarantee it! http://flip.it/7TN7K Read, enjoy, share with colleagues & subscribe for FREE today!
  • Mrs. Grecu's avatar
    I am going to be flipping my classroom a lot next year. Does anyone use a video maker that is accessible(to students) on ipads, iphones, smartphones, and android. I used Educreations and loved it, but it is only able to be viewed on ipads. The students want to be able to watch my videos on their phones.
  • Mrs. Grecu's avatar
    I would like to go paperless next school year. Does anyone know how I could do this? I have all my packets in PDF form so I know this will be a challenge. I would like my students to be able to write in the packet and save them for reference. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • Mr. Wilson's avatar
    Hi, I was wondering if the animal cell app would self Mark and feed in to my edmodo Mark book? This would be a worthwhile feature for many teachers. Thanks
  • Ms. Mitcham's avatar
    Hello. I've downloaded the Teq Word Matching app for two of my classes and it is completely non-functional. It won't even open to let me create an assignment. What should I do?
    • Teq - Are you trying to create an Edmodo assignment using the matching app or just share the matching app to the feed?

      • Mar 6, 2014
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      • Ms. Mitcham - both, neither works. The kids have it on their app area but they cannot log into or pull up the screen. Neither can I

        • Mar 6, 2014
      • Teq - We haven't been able to reproduce your issue. Would you have time for a phone call to troubleshoot on Monday? Anytime between 8AM and 5PM ET?

        • Mar 7, 2014
      • Mr. DE MEIJ - Check out http://www.celebratelanguages.com/tech ...a page for 21st Century learners and teachers, with FREE EduTech resources (and with its accompanying FREE Flip eMagazine, to which you can subscribe FOR FREE, at http://flip.it/kBJuU) You'll surely like much of what you find there; I guarantee it! Enjoy and share it with others!

        • Feb 5, 2014

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