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Pixton is an award-winning tool that gives students a fun, new way to express themselves in the visual format of comics. Try it today!
3rd - Higher Education
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    Good morning. I have been trying to deactivate some of the students I have so that I can move different students into the licenses. However, after following the directions in the help and requesting help through the chat, nothing is working. I've been trying since last week. There are no check boxes on my screen under "My People - Students. Please help, my students are now a week behind on starting their projects. Thank you.

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    Check out our Pinterest board for the latest research on using comics and graphic novels to enhance student learning, literacy.

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    If your class is using Pixton to create Civil Rights or #MLK comics, we'd love to see and share them w/other educators! Tag them #PixtonMLK

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    Hey Edmodo Teachers! Have you seen our tutorials on YouTube? Learn how to work with speech bubbles, how to print and share a comic and more!

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    What is a reason I wouldn't be able to download this application?

    • Pixton Comics
      Pixton Comics said Sep 25, 2015

      Hi Mr. Patrick, please clarify what you mean by 'download', and any details you can provide such as an error message.

      Note that we have recently implemented Edmodo Connect. If you're a new Pixton user, you must go to the Pixton for Schools login page ( and click "Log in with Edmodo".

    • Dr. Frausto
      Dr. Frausto said Sep 28, 2015

      Thank You

    • Pixton Comics
      Pixton Comics said Nov 3, 2015

      No problem, Dr. Frausto---always happy to help! You might also be interested in our collection of research on comics in education.

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    Last year i purshased a license for my students (26) and it only cost me 40$. Why do I have to pay more this year?

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    • Pixton Comics
      Pixton Comics said Sep 16, 2015

      Okay, in that case the price will be higher. Our previous Edmodo app, which used the now deprecated Edmodo API, was a simplified version of our product, Pixton for Schools.

      The new Edmodo Connect API allows us to integrate Edmodo with our full offering. Features and benefits that come with Pixton for Schools, which didn't come from the previous app, include:

      - Teacher Moderation: when a student submits a comic to the teacher, the teacher has the opportunity to approve it and send it back for revision. This gives the teacher (a) more control over

    • Mrs. Sauvé
      Mrs. Sauvé said Sep 16, 2015

      I used it with Edmodo completely, I also checked in August to see if the price was still 40$ for the school year through Edmodo and it was. So, I guess the app changed and that's why the price is higher?

    • Pixton Comics
      Pixton Comics said Sep 16, 2015

      Yes, we retired the old apps in favour of the Pixton for Schools / Edmodo Connect integration, a few weeks ago.

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    Hi Pixton. Are you being offered in the Edmodo apps? I can't locate you.

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    • Mrs. Osborne
      Mrs. Osborne said Sep 15, 2015

      Thank you, I found it. If I purchase Pixton for my students, what does Edmodo Connect mean?

    • Pixton Comics
      Pixton Comics said Sep 16, 2015

      It means that, instead of using the app directly within Edmodo, you go to the Pixton for Schools login page ( and click the "Log in with Edmodo" button.

      Pixton will automatically sync with your Edmodo groups.

      You can read more about it here:

    • Mrs. Osborne
      Mrs. Osborne said Sep 16, 2015

      Thank you!

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    Did you know we have a series of video tutorials on our Pixton YouTube Channel? Check out this tutorial on getting started with speech bubbles and text!

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    Pixton has joined Pinterest! Check out our board with the latest research on using comics and graphic novels to enhance student learning and literacy.

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    We’re excited to learn how you use Pixton for Schools and how we can better support educators.
    Complete this short (we promise!) survey before September 30, 2015, and you’ll have a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card :)

    Just click this link to get started:

    Thanks so much. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! ;-)

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