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    Are you having I-Device problems. Save money, go to and get answers to your I-Device issues. You can also find great accessories for your devices as well.
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    My new favorite tool... FREE Assessment Data Collection and Analysis made simple for ANY content area. Fully Linked with Edmodo!
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    Check out these Science Song Videos that were highlighted on XL 106.7
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    I'm looking for technology grant opportunities to get a wireless computer lab for my high school English department. Any suggestions?
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    FETC 2014

    January 28 - 31, 2014

    Orange County Convention Center

    Orlando, FL


    BECOME A SPEAKER at FETC 2014, January 28 - 31, 2014, in Orlando, FL!

    Are you interested in presenting a concurrent session, poster, featured session or workshop?

    Now is the time to apply!


    FETC INVITES APPLICATIONS to present from education professionals representing all levels, content areas and specialties, as well as industry and technology experts. If accepted, your presentation will be scheduled as one of the concurrent sessions, BYOD sessions or workshops planned for the 2014 national conference.

    * Gain exposure for your work, your school and your district.

    * Help fill the information gap for educators looking for collaborative strategies, inventive techniques and engaging applications to enhance learning and improve student performance.

    * Share successful classroom practices, creative teaching and learning solutions, research, policies and products that show emerging promise for K-12 education and the evolving role of technology.

    * Become part of a dynamic partnership that has made FETC conferences “must-attend” education technology events for more than 30 years.

    BY SHARING your successful practices that transform learning for all students, you can help inspire and encourage other educators, administrators and executives to creatively deploy technologies and expand the possibilities of learning through educational technology.


    Visit or click the link below for complete information on submission guidelines and access to the electronic application form:

    ****DON’T DELAY! Deadline for submissions is Friday, May 31, 2013.****




    FETC 2014

    January 28 - 31, 2014

    Orange County Convention Center
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    Anyone aware of a subscription service (fee or fee-based) that provides an online Science curriculum/assessment tool for MS (Grades 7/8) --specifically interested in Life Sciences (genetics) and earth sciences (rock cycle)--- that would serve as kind of a supplemental or integrated "IXL" type curriculum for science? Thanks in advance for any thought anyone might have on this.
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    Hi..i made some video and put it in Youtube Channel hopefully you can watch it and give any suggestion for all the videos to make it better with the next video making..thank you (if the link below can't work, you can click this one :
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    I purchased the Virtual Nerd app on Edmodo and I wanted add students to my classroom and the app told me to contact my school administrator. Since my school didn't purchase the school edition my administration doesn't have that information. So, how do I add students to my account myself?
    • Virtual Nerd - Hi Mrs. Jerkins, sorry you're having trouble adding students. Students get added to the system automatically when they launch the app from Edmodo, and you should have 30 student accounts available with your Edmodo purchase. Please contact us at if you're still experiencing this issue.

      • Feb 14, 2013
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    Saludos desde mexico
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    Are there plans to widen virtual nerd to lower grades as a homework helper?
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    I LOVE your all's website! It has been a great help for many of my students!
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    How is Virtual Nerd helpful?
    • Virtual Nerd - Thanks so much for asking! Virtual Nerd is designed to help students that are struggling with math, starting from Grade 4 through Algebra 2. We combine video tutorials and practice problems mapped to common core standards. The videos though are unlike anything you've ever seen because students can actually customize the focus of their particular tutorial by asking questions. While watching a tutorial on slope, students can easily access supporting tutorials connected to background concepts like lines, coordinate plane, and points. Come to to check it out, more...
      • Sep 25, 2012
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    I purchased your app, however, now it is saying I have to create an account and pay the subscription fee. Is this correct?
    • Virtual Nerd - No, it sounds like something is not working as intended. Our tech team is looking into it. We'll get back to you ASAP with an update. Thank you for purchasing the app. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

      • Aug 30, 2012
    • Mr. Sisemore - Thank You

      • Aug 30, 2012
    • Virtual Nerd - We want to get this issue resolved for you, but so far our tech team hasn't been able to reproduce it. Sorry to trouble you further, but could you please contact us at We'd like to be able to get more information from you, so we can get you up and running as soon as possible.

      • Aug 30, 2012
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    I am looking for access to Virtual Labs for Astronomy. Any ideas, preferably OER.
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    I used your site for a refresher in math for the CSET and I passed! Thanks so much for a great site!
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We have an Edmodo App! Supplemental instruction and remediation in the form of video tutorials presented in an interactive platform. Currently covering math for grade 6 - Algebra 2 and Intro Physics.

6th - 12th