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  • Mrs. Young's avatar
    What is the timeline for resolving the issues? Purchasing this for a year and I only have students for 9 months, therefore, I already pay for extra time. Are you going to extend our deadline for the app?
  • Mrs. Hennessey's avatar
    Why am I getting a separate screen that asks me to log in. How do I find my school code. Also, what username and password do we need to use because I cannot even log in with my Edmodo username and password.
    • Mr. Waara - I'm having the same problem. Also, now my students aren't able to log into their MangaHigh Edmodo apps any longer. These were purchased apps and I would like to make sure that my students can use them. Please reply. Thanks.

      • Nov 15, 2015
    • Math Games - Hi,

      Could you please send me a screencast of the issue you are experiencing:,

      What happens when you try and login using Edmodo?

      Can you please respond to
      • Nov 20, 2015
  • Mr. Fiore's avatar
    Hey, your YouTube video is private!!
  • Mrs. Simonson's avatar
    How do I add more stuidents?!
    • Mangahigh Teacher - Hi, please send an email to and we will respond to your query as soon as possible!

      • Aug 26, 2015
  • Mrs. Simonson's avatar
    I purchased Times Table game Is this only for 30 students? How would I get it avaible for more students?
  • Ms. CHERIAN's avatar
    Please, make it available in UAE
  • Mrs. Gibbs's avatar
    I am trying to use the free version of A Times Table Game and it asks for a school code as well. It says we cannot log in because students are signed into Edmodo. Why is this happening?
  • GINA SOLANO's avatar
    I used the PEMDAS app last year and had a few students that the game would keep their score. I have a similar issue this year in my 4th period-a student is paying the game but it is not keeping a score. I have game competitions using your apps and would like to know how I can fix this issue. I have purchased extra when that pops up about adding new students. This student was in my original group.
  • Mr. Herold's avatar
    Is Jetstream Riders working for everyone else on the website? My students miss their favorite game!
  • Ms. Barton's avatar
    If I assign this as an in-class assignment will I be able to get a report on how the students did? Also, is this available on their smartphone thru Edmodo. I had problems last year with apps not being able to be played on their smartphone. Thanks.
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