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    Something I saw a while back. Enjoy.
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    Kodaly Music Educators - Check out my blog and Facebook page (Kentucky Kodaly Classroom) about Kodaly Music Education:

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    My new favorite tool... FREE Assessment Data Collection and Analysis made simple for ANY content area.
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    A short on how to read music. I thought it was fun.
    • Savina Saiman - Tq Mr.Wilmore. Is there any other materials that i can use for speaking?

      • Sep 18, 2013
    • Mrs. Elbing - sweet!

      • Oct 12, 2013
  • Mr. Galán's avatar
    LIP DUB « Mille cœurs debout » (Thousand hearts stood up) by french students in SPAIN.
  • Mrs. Trasciatti-Holmberg's avatar
    Recorder Master is such a hit in my 3rd/4th grade classes! They LOVE it!! Thank you!
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    Hello everyone! Can anyone recommend some good websites/resources for sightsinging - 6th - 8th grade

    grades 6-8?
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    Hello again. One more question for everyone. Any thoughts on how to get more students to practice at home?
    • JoyTunes - Hi Mr. Brock! I have a great tool for you I recently discovered. They are iPad apps that work directly with you acoustic piano, no need for wires. The apps are to help encourage students to practice their piano. The first is called Piano Dust Buster and its a simple introduction to piano, choose your favorite song and play sort of deal. There is also Piano Mania which is more educational teaching students sight reading and how to play with 2 hands. You can find the apps in the app store and they are both free to download. I believe these are wonderful tools to motivate kids more...
      • May 30, 2013
    • Mrs. Burgess - …and Piano Mania has a way you can set it up so that every time they practise you get to hear about it by e-mail (according to my daughter who is using it).

      • Feb 3, 2014
  • Mr. Brock's avatar
    Hello everyone. I found this video for recruiting kids into Beginning Band. I wanted to gather input before I make my own. Please reply with what you think.
    • Mr. Lovelock - I already use the video sequence starting from the news announcers up to the end of the list of celebrities (different people shown here, but sounding the same in a large part).

      • Jun 11, 2013
  • Mrs. Moeller's avatar
    I am teaching Ukulele for the first time and would love some resources. (5th grade)
  • Mrs. Moeller's avatar
    I have also just found joy tunes. Looks like a great community. Someone asked about upclose videos of people playing instruments. This is a link to one I like to use. There are similar videos for each instrument family.
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    Could you recommend short, upclose, video clips of people playing instruments for younger children?
    • Mrs. Trasciatti-Holmberg - check out the melbourne symphony orchestra and the dallas symphony orchestra. the MSO has a nice iPad app.

      • Jun 3, 2013
  • Ms. Woodruff's avatar
    I've just found JoyTunes! Here is a site that I use to introduced students to the instruments
  • Ms. McLendon's avatar
    We have studied listening guides. This video is great for high, low, rests, tempo, and shape of melodies.
    • Ms. Woodruff - Thanks for sharing this great link!

      • May 23, 2013
  • Mr. Pastor's avatar
    Is anyone out there using STEM at their school to accompany Race to the Top? Boringgggg...have you heard of STEAM? It's the same thing...but when you boil up some STEM and the get STEAM! STEAM it up ma' fellow musicians :-)
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    Check out the "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" game on the Carnegie Hall website. My elementary kids love it!
  • Mr. Gerry's avatar
    Edmodo Community! Please help my guitar students by watching their original composition/music video that we have put on youtube. We're trying to get 1,000 views! Every year we write a song as a class as a part of our theory and composition unit. This year they wrote, "The Ballad of Si Robertson".... Thanks for your help!
  • Mrs. Glynn's avatar
    I am looking for "sound stories". Does anyone have any favorites?
    • Mr. Weiss - "Listen to the Rain" is a great one by Bill Martin that comes immediately to mind.

      • May 4, 2013
    • Mrs. Trasciatti-Holmberg - The Napping House, Rain Talk, Snow, Old MacDonald Had a Woodshop, and there is one by Wynton Marsalis but I can't remember the name. It is something like "Crash Boom Bop" or something.

      • Jun 3, 2013
  • Mrs. Koch's avatar
    Thank you for your great resources! One of my recorder students told me about Joy Tunes! I look forward to exploring your site!
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JoyTunes motivate young students to learn musical instruments by creating fun, interactive computer games controlled by LIVE playing and REAL instruments. JoyTunes is an assisting tools for teachers - to encourage their students to practice at home.

Prekindergarten - 7th