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    How would a debate fit in to a PBL setting? Have you signed up for Edmodocon yet? I would love to share with you how I get my students really engaged in Science and Language Arts through online debate with Edmodo in my talk, "Collective Curriculum: Sparking Discussions Across Subject Areas" - Search for the group and join to have input in what I share. #Edmodocon
    • Mrs. Propp - It seems that Edmocon is heavily geared toward elementary this year. I am finding overall that Edmodo is becoming heavily elementary. What is the time slot that you are presenting?

      • 52 minutes ago
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    Looking for PBL ideas for the high school English classroom. Any site recommendations or specific ideas are appreciated . Thank you.
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    Here is the experience of project-based learning straight from the students' mouths: Diary of Some Not-so-wimpy Project-based Learners.
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    I'm collecting ideas for PBL in the foreign language classroom, specifically Spanish. I would appreciate any ideas or resources. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi one and all, my school will be relying heavily on project based learning this yesr and I am in need of some ideas for implementation as well as plans. I am a science teacher in rural South Carolina and will need ideas based on SC state standards. Please provide as much direction as you possibly can. Thank you
    • Ms. Miller - Hi, I'm not a science teacher or in South Carolina, but I would look into local issues to see if there is something relevant I could do with my students. For example, is there a creek near the school that you could have the students study. Perhaps it is a new park that needs to be built or traffic intersections that need more lighting.

      • Jul 25, 2015
  • Mrs. Curran's avatar
    Hi everyone! I'm just starting out with PBL and would love any suggestions you might have for teaching the littlies! I have year 1 (ages 6-7) and I feel reasonably confident with the process but less so with coming up with ideas.
    The unit I have to cover is transport so I was thinking that the final product might be a plan for how we could improve the transport system around our suburb. I'd that too ambitious? They might come up with ideas such as car pooling, more frequent buses, bike racks for storing bikes at the shops... I don't know... Any thoughts?
  • Mr. smookler's avatar
    Does anybody have an interesting internet safety lesson plans for grades 7 and 8th. Each class is 90 minutes and I would like to cover the material in a week.However, I have always had problems in making this an interesting unit.I would appreciate if anybody could help me .
    Thank You,
    Lewis Smookler
    • Mr. Nelson - Common Sense Media is nice to use for learning digital safety under the tab digital citizenship. It includes worksheets, tips for teaching the information, and has a online unit test that can be sent directly to the teacher with scores. I use it in my class and students enjoyed it.

      • Jul 22, 2015
    • Mrs. Deets - has great resources for teens, for younger students.

      • Jul 26, 2015
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    Today is a great day, the research I coordinated on the use of MINECRAFT EDU in educational contexts is finally published: the journal is Educational Technology Society, JCR in Q2 (5-Year impact factor 1.376) among the top 3 Educational Technology journals worldwide. Special thanks to John Miller
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    Hi PBL community, I am a Kindergarten teacher from Australia and I about to trial project based learning with my class. I was looking for some help and advice on how do you teach pbl with 5 and 6 year olds? I am especially confused on how you teach / implement the research aspect of pbl with a class that are still learning to read and use a computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated 😀
    • Mrs. B - Fiona - you don't necessarily have to do the research phase online, especially with such young learners. How about gathering, or asking them to bring, a range of toys with the features you want them to explore? You could then set up mini stations around the room with simple worksheets to draw out their observations about how particular toys move (e.g. a station with toys that move and some that don't), what they are made of (e.g. toys that are more and less fragile), why they are made of those materials (e.g. a station of waterproof / non waterproof materials or another more...
      • Jul 14, 2015
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At its core, PBL is focused on important knowledge and concepts derived from standards, and skills valuable for today's world, such as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.

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