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    Visit to connect you with thousands of parents searching for highly skilled and knowledgeable tutors. FREE registration
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    If we purchase this app can two teachers use it with the same license? Is it good for two years or just one?
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    Hi everyone, here is sending this link this have access 1000 + Math Worksheets, eBooks, Videos and more. Featuring are more than 55000 math problems. Good luck
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    I am thankful for the resources provided by the Your Teacher Math. iOS app, but wish that the content there was tagged for searching by CC standard. Is that, by any chance, being developed? Thank you.
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    Why do you limit classes to 30? I have 31 students in one class and 35 in another. So, I would have to purchase 4 "groups" in order to accommodate my 2 classes - just because they're over by 1 and 5 students. I cannot even merge my overages because their curriculum is different... Guess I won't use this app.
    • YourTeacher - Our understanding is that the class size of 30 is set by Edmodo. However, you can buy an additional seat for that class for 1/30 of the price so I think it should work per your needs. Thanks.

      • Jan 13, 2014
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    Does the app allow the teacher to set up individual plans and track progress of her students individually? How does it integrate with Edmodo?
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    I have about 130 students in my 6th grade math class. Can all students get access to this app thru Edmodo for $99 per year? I hope so... :)
    • YourTeacher - Unfortunately a group license is only for 30 students. Sorry!

      • Aug 9, 2013
    • Mr. Reedy - Thanks. Too bad... I really wanted to use it this year, but can't afford $400+.

      • Aug 9, 2013
  • YourTeacher's avatar has moved to Same great content. New home on the web!
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