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    I would love to be able to use these apps in the US Virgin Islands, for some reason they are not available.

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    • Cristina Heffernan
      Cristina Heffernan said Dec 3, 2015

      Hi, First can I clarify that we are talking about the ASSISTments Apps that are in Edmodo?

      I will ask our developer about why you can't use them in the Virgin Islands.

      Go to ASSISTments.org and create an account, you will have to get your school open. We offer all the same skill builders at our platform and A LOT more so you may find that that is an awesome solution. All of ASSISTments is completely free just like Edmodo.


    • Mr. Rosado Jr.
      Mr. Rosado Jr. said Dec 3, 2015

      To your clarification question, yes we are talking about the ASSISTments apps for Edmodo.

      Thank you for your help.

      I tried creating an account but since I am not in one of the particular places it will not allow me to create an account. There needs to be a parameter that includes the VI.

    • Cristina Heffernan
      Cristina Heffernan said Dec 4, 2015

      Hello Mr. Rosaldo We have now checked all countries for the Edmodo App, you can use all of them now and if by chance one does not work just notify me and we will fix it.

      We are working on getting the US Virgin Islands on the USA list for the ASSISTments Platform, you can wait for that or just use the NonUSA selection and request a school. It sounds like you will probably just use Edmodo so that is OK too.


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