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    Hi there!
    My daughter has been trying to log onto SUMS Rabbits Takeaway and SUMS Phonics for two days now and she keeps getting an error message. We have tried at school, at home, and with different computers, but we always get the same error. Please advise.
    • SUMS Online Ltd - Hi Mrs Johnson,

      I am very sorry to hear you are experiencing problems. I would be grateful if you could tell me more. My direct email is below if it makes things easier.

      a) What is the exact error message you are seeing - a screenshot is perfect but just a description can help.

      b) Were you able to use the software successfully before on at least one of the same computers?
      • Jan 25, 2015
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At SUMS Online we produce interesting interactive software for mathematics and phonics. We are very grateful for all comments and feedback. NB We no longer offer SUMS French, sorry for any inconvenience.

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