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    I would like to use this app with my students. I am from Puerto Rico and accordingly to Edmodo i cant be available to use it because of my location. Can this be type of restriction be set off?

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    Perchè questa app non funziona in Italia ?

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    I would like to use this app but I see in the user agreement that it collects email information as well as other identifiable info. I am uncomfortable signing my students up for an app that collect private info.

    • Socratic
      Socratic said Sep 23, 2014

      Hi Ms. Herrera,

      Thanks for reaching out! I'm really glad you're interested in using our app with your students & I appreciate your concern with collecting information. For our Edmodo app, we ask teachers for their email address so we can message them if students ask questions, etc., but we do not collect or ask for for email addresses from students who use the app. The only information we collect & use is their first & last initial. Does that make sense?

      Please let me know if I can clarify this further or if I can help in any way!

    • Ms. Herrera
      Ms. Herrera said Sep 23, 2014

      Oh yes, that eases my worry. I'll add that app tomorrow! I just logged in for Edmodo with my classes today - didn't have any plans yet, but so far they love the concept.

    • Socratic
      Socratic said Sep 23, 2014

      Wonderful! Yes, do let me know how it goes! )

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    Displaying math online is hard. Using ASCIIMathML, we made math on Socratic easy to write & look awesome.

    Beautiful math has arrived! What challenges have you encountered when teaching math online?

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    I am teaching 11th Grade chemistry for the first time in summer school to one student. What are some fun and engaginv activities for summer? Thank you!

    • Socratic
      Socratic said Jun 26, 2014

      Hi Ms. Ruocco! Thanks for reaching out.

      Socratic is a site where students can ask questions and our community teaches them the answer. Chemistry was our first subject, so we already have a ton of chemistry questions on the site that your student can look through, or s/he can ask their own questions. It's a great way to stay fresh outside the classroom, or you could also use it to source practice questions and problems.

      Finally, your student can also answer questions and collaborate with other answer contributors on our site, which is often a great

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