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Scholar Apps is focused on creating apps for administrators, teachers, and more importantly, students. We listen to what the education industry wants; therefore, we produce apps that make life easier for the everyday engaged teacher. From simple yet informative, to complex and sophisticated, Scholar Apps provides solutions to enable the next-generation classroom.
Kindergarten - 12th
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    When I bring up these apps in Edmodo, I am told that my license is good until October 2016. And yet I can't get them to work with my spring classes. How can I solve this?
    Allan Starkey <>

    • Mr. Starkey
      Mr. Starkey said Feb 2, 2016

      I've tried the "drag and drop" thing and still get no response. Does that work only on an Apple device? Please respond soon.

  • Mr. Hudson PLTW's avatar

    I cannot get your attendance app to load after purchase.

    • Scholar Apps, Inc.
      Scholar Apps, Inc. said Aug 12, 2015

      Hi Mr. Hudson,

      We are sorry for the inconvenience. Are you still not able to get the app to launch?

      Can you please explain in more detail what is occurring so we can further troubleshoot? Also if you email that is my direct email and we can set up a screen share to further evaluate.


    • Ms. Tornow
      Ms. Tornow said Sep 8, 2015

      I purchased the app last year. It states unlimited use, however, I no longer have access to it. ????

    • Scholar Apps, Inc.
      Scholar Apps, Inc. said Sep 8, 2015

      Hi Ms. Tornow,

      Edmodo only has one year licenses for all of their apps in the app store. The "unlimited use" is referring to having access for unlimited groups vs. paying for each group individually.

      I am sorry for the confusion and inconvenience that this may have caused.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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    Thank you all who've purchased our newest Random Name Picker app! We hope you're putting it to good use in your classroom and making picking names fun for you and your students!

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    Teachers Tools Tuesday: Top 10 Bookmarking Websites for Teachers

  • Scholar Apps, Inc.'s avatar

    EduCon 2015 set to begin...

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    Hi Scholar Apps Community - Here's a good article on Teach Hub about Student Participation... enjoy!

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    Scholar Apps is gearing up for another app launch soon! We will let you know when it is available. Thanks for being part of our community!

  • Mrs. Karliak's avatar

    How does this work? Does the teacher enter the info, or do students log in?

    • Scholar Apps, Inc.
      Scholar Apps, Inc. said Jan 6, 2015

      Hello Mrs. Karliak. This is actually done by the teachers. The students names will be ported over to our app. When you would like to take attendance you can select the students names and if they are absent or tardy. If you would like to add comments to this section, you have that ability as well. Finally you also have the option to email these in reports directly to parents, students, or admin.

      All is run by the teacher though. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks Mrs. Karliak.

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    Don't forget to try our Attendance App!
    -Take daily attendance of students who are on-time, tardy, or absent for classes
    -Easily accessible from any mobile, or tablet device
    -Add in comments about the student’s whereabouts
    -Graphically appealing student reports showing daily, weekly, or any custom dated attendance
    -Reports for individual, and all classes on a daily, weekly, and custom dates
    -Send attendance reports about students to their parents and administrators
    -And many more to come!

    • Ms. Palin
      Ms. Palin said Apr 10, 2014

      Is this app compatible for students to see their attendance without sending a report? It would be helpful to link each of my students to their attendance so they can track the absences and see when they reach the limit allowed. (I am in adult education). Thank you!

    • Geoff Barrett
      Geoff Barrett said Jul 24, 2014

      I'm wondering about this as well...

    • Scholar Apps, Inc.
      Scholar Apps, Inc. said Sep 11, 2014

      Sorry for the delayed response Geoff and Ms. Palin. We are working on setting up alerts for students this year. There are no ways to do that at this time. We appreciate the suggestions. Sorry again for the delayed response. Thanks.

  • Mr. Johnson's avatar

    Scholar Apps Launches Attendance Program for Edmodo

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