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    I would love to use the feature where the app video records the student reading their fluency passage. Is it possible to do this through Edmodo or would I need to have the app installed on the computer(s) I am using?


    • Mr. Nieto
      Mr. Nieto said Sep 29, 2014

      To video record, you must have the iPad app installed. http://readwithmeapp.com/ios and then you can enter the tokens into the iPad and sync with any assessments you made for your Edmodo students. Please contact support@readwithmeapp.com if you have any more questions.

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    Hi guys I just discovered this new fantastic app while setting up my new classes for this school year. I installed it in all of my classes. I teach conversational English in Naples, Italy. I would like to use this up to increase my students' reading skills. Do you have any advice? Can I use it in class on a smart-board? Thanks for any suggestions you might give.

    • Mr. Nieto
      Mr. Nieto said Sep 15, 2014

      Hi, Thanks for trying Read With Me. If you are familiar with traditional paper and pencil running records, then Read With Me is something that you will appreciate. Read With Me specifically monitors reading fluency, however it does not really lend itself for a smartboard environment, mainly because reading fluency assessments are typically done one-on-one. I'm not sure if this answers your questions, but I'm happy to share more information if you need.

    • Mr. Porcaro
      Mr. Porcaro said Sep 15, 2014

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer me. Unfortunately my schools has only a couple of language labs and they must be shared between 18 classes, so I must improvise.

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    I want to have my students use the read with app to test each other in fluency. Is this possible?

    • Mr. Nieto
      Mr. Nieto said Sep 3, 2014

      Hi Rachel. It depends how you are set up in your classroom and how you want to conduct an assessment because there are some limitations. You'll have to create another account and give your students access to it. It will essentially be a teacher account that can create assignments and review them. Then create a group, and all the students who would participate would have to join this group. You would also have to train them how to conduct an assessment, but it could be a great way for them to practice their fluency. I'd love to hear how it goes.

    • Rachel Aronin
      Rachel Aronin said Sep 4, 2014

      If I followed the above steps, would only one pair of students be able to do this at a time? I'm looking to be able to spend a few minutes each day, with students paired off, and each partnership practicing a fluency passage.

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    Does it read in Spanish as well?

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    Is there a guide for the Read With Me App? I'd like to use it for Progress Monitoring.

    • Mr. Nieto
      Mr. Nieto said Dec 1, 2013

      Hi Mrs. Ellis,
      Yes, there is a guide, although it is a bit different in the case of Edmodo, since the classes and students are already there.

      Here it is:


      Let us know if you need any more help.

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    My new favorite tool... FREE Assessment Data Collection and Analysis made simple for ANY content area. Fully Linked with Edmodo!

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    Are the students suppose to have a mic to read the passage aloud? I am nost sure how to administer this to my students. Where can I find a sample without adding it to my students account?
    Desperately seeking students!

    • Mr. Nieto
      Mr. Nieto said Oct 18, 2013

      Hi, you can refer to this tutorial page.
      Basically, you can sync two mobile devices if you create a free account through Edmodo. Just choose which groups you want to add it for and they will automatically be grouped for you in the app. You can administer fluency assessments with the installed passges, or copy/paste your own.
      When you create an assessment, you can do it for one student or your whole class. Choose

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    I saw that a teacher can create her own passages. Can I type out the leveled books that my students read and then record and mark errors the same way you can with the pre-made passages?

    • Ms. Cabezas
      Ms. Cabezas said Nov 6, 2013

      Hi Ms. Borja! Sorry we haven't responded. You may type but I would rather scan, cut and paste. That might save you some time? What did you end up doing?

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    Check out our new iPad app, Read With Me Fluency. Record your students reading passages that you assess from our Edmodo app and share them with parents to playback anytime and anywhere.

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