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    Are there any plans to have the app licensed in Mexico in the near future?
    • QuestionPro - Hi Mr. Alexandrin, unfortunately the type of app we currently have on Edmodo isn't eligible to be available internationally (we're working on the Edmodo Connect app as well but I don't have an ETA yet).

      But our stand-alone service is available world-wide and I'm happy to have our LATAM area manager contact you via email or phone to discuss if you'd like to provide your contact information. Thanks!

      • Jan 28, 2015
  • Mr. Klonowski's avatar
    My new favorite tool... FREE Assessment Data Collection and Analysis made simple for ANY content area. Fully Linked with Edmodo!
    • QuestionPro - Thanks for sharing Mr. Klonowski, sounds like a solid tool. QuestionPro also has scoring built-in, although not in quite as a familiar 'scantron' design. We are happy to help implementing a solution any way we can!

      • Dec 9, 2013
    • Mr. Klonowski - Thank you for the reply. It is a very solid tool, but for a very different kind of data collection. I just started exploring with Question pro, but it looks like an excellent tool for a variety of data collection, from quantitative to qualitative and free responses. I would love to do a profile on it as well, if that is ok.

      • Dec 9, 2013
    • QuestionPro - We'd be honored! Our quiz/scoring/logic are definitely relevant, as are many of the built-in analysis & reporting tools including real-time summary, word clouds, and built-in infographic. Thanks for the review!

      • Dec 9, 2013
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    Benn Berkley thanks for joining our community!
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    Dr. Herschvogel, Mr. Bennett, Ms. Rodgers, Ms. Venable, Mrs. Garcia-Ives and Ms. Martin, thank you for following our community page! If there's anything we can do to assist you, please let us know!
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    Loving all the great info being shared at Edmodocon!
  • QuestionPro's avatar
    Hello QuestionPro Community - if you're looking for our App, here is a link to take you to the page!
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    Welcome Ms. Scanlon, thank you for joining our community! Please let us know if there's anything we can do to provide additional value.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - we're THRILLED to have the QuestionPro evaluation and survey tool live in the Store! Please check us out and let us know how we can make QuestionPro work better for you!
  • QuestionPro's avatar
    QuestionPro launching in the Edmodo Store soon - get ready for great feedback through evaluations!
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    Glad to be a part of Edmodo! We are very excited to be a part of the community and look forward to engaging and collaborating.
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QuestionPro is the first to provide an evaluation/feedback app on Edmodo!

This is a full-featured evaluation tool complete with analysis, reporting, logic and much more and is offered to the Edmodo community at a substantially discounted price over stand-alone evaluation tools.

With over 2.5 million users across 100 countries, we are a leading provider of online survey software that allows our users to generate the insights they need to make better business decisions. Our software includes not only tools for creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys, but also provides a platform for polling, tablet-based mobile research, and data visualization. We have provided reliable and innovative technology to Fortune 100 companies, academic institutions, small businesses, and individual DIY researchers for over ten years.

Prekindergarten - Higher Education