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    App update! All of NextLesson's 30+ apps previously found on the Edmodo Store have been consolidated into a single NextLesson app in Spotlight: https://spotlight.edmodo.com/product/nextless... This new app features all of the features and resources that had previously existed in the separate apps.

    If you have trouble finding a lesson or feature you previously had access to, let us know and we'll help you out!

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    please unsubscribe me from '500+ Projects and lessons' free app.

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    I am unable to use the nextlesson app but every time I do it does not happen. Is this a problem on my end or on your end?

    • NextLesson
      NextLesson said Feb 23, 2016

      Hi Mrs. Jones! I'm so sorry that you are running into the issue. Are you having trouble when you launch the app or is it when you are already in it? Which browser and device are you using? We typically work best on Chrome. We do not have any current known issues on our end at this time.

    • Mr. Coronado
      Mr. Coronado said Jun 25, 2016

      Me too, I am unable to use the nextlesson app eventhough I'm using the chrome

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    Our school is new to Edmodo and have a question about the NextLesson Common Core lessons. When we go to look at lessons for the "Virginia" or "Texas" standards, it tells us that they are not able to be shown in this country. Aren't Texas and Virginia in the USA? Why can we not see them?

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    • NextLesson
      NextLesson said Jan 16, 2016

      Hi Mrs. Goekler -
      Were you able to view the standards after adding a school?

    • Mrs. Goekler
      Mrs. Goekler said Jan 21, 2016

      Not really. The question is from our Math teacher, I am just helping them get started using Edmodo. Do we need to acquire a license to be able to view these, or can we see them with the "free" version too?

    • NextLesson
      NextLesson said Jan 23, 2016

      Hi Mrs. Goekler,
      Your math teacher should be able to view all standards addressed when viewing lesson descriptions, including TEKS and Virginia's SOL. You do not need a license to view the standards, and there are several free lessons available on the site for you to explore.

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    Hi - I am considering purchasing the ELA self-reflection app for use in a project that will encompass a group straddling several schools; the description says that it is for a "group". Is there any limit on the amount of group members that can be enrolled? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • NextLesson
      NextLesson said Jan 12, 2016

      The Group-based license includes 30 seats and is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. If the number of Group members exceeds the number of seats you have available, you will receive a notification prompting you to purchase add-on seats for those Group members. Additional seats may be purchased at any time before the license ends. For more details, please see the Edmodo help page on apps: https://support.edmodo.com/hc/en-us/articles/205006024-App-Terms-Teacher-

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    Can someone tell me if the 6th grade nextlesson.org includes all the Math lessons and can you print the projects and lessons for those students who need paper ?


    • NextLesson
      NextLesson said Sep 26, 2015

      Hi Mrs. Tovino - Good Question! The 6th grade subscription does not include the 21st Century Math Line. All projects and lessons are available to print for students who need paper. Let us know if you have more questions!

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    Do we know how well these apps work on the iPads or is it better to use them with computers?

    • NextLesson
      NextLesson said Sep 26, 2015

      Hi Ms. Hargrove - you can use these apps on an iPad, but they are not optimized for iPad use. The apps work much better on computers, but if what you have are iPads you can use them. We are planning on iPad optimization in the future, so stay tuned!

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    I have installed the app on my group and saved lessons. When I try to assign it i am told it is not installed to any of my groups. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, still without success. Please help!

    • NextLesson
      NextLesson said Sep 14, 2015

      Hi Mrs. Henderson- We are so sorry that you ran into this issue. We had something on our side that was not working correctly. It has since been corrected. Can you please try again?

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    How exactly do I access the content from this app?

    • NextLesson
      NextLesson said Sep 10, 2015

      Hi Mrs. Hill,
      Once you've installed the NextLesson app to your Edmodo account, you will be able to find it in your app launcher. If you click on the app from within your app launcher, you should be brought to the NextLesson homepage where you will need to click on "Browse Lessons" to get started. You can filter lessons by grade, subject, lesson type, and search for specific topics and standards. Please feel free to email us at support@nextlesson.org with more questions!

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    What happened to the Do you have a Right app?

    • NextLesson
      NextLesson said Sep 8, 2015

      Hi Mrs. Earnes - We weren't able to find this lesson. Do you mind sharing how you accessed it before? Was it through the NextLesson free app, or was it a lesson app by itself? Thanks!

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