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    We always teach about "the Founding Fathers," but who would be THE Founding Father: The MVP of the American Revolution? Well, now your students can judge for themselves by evaluating the various accomplishments and mistakes made four candidates: Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and A. Hamilton.
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    I am wondering how many east coast educators have the day off like me? At least in the D.C. Metro area, tomorrow is a big question mark too. In the mean time, check out my newest ipad-compatible game Fraction America. This is a great way to integrate fractions, and reducing fractions with the map of the United States! Let me know what you think:
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    Download the new & Playrific Farm Animals App FOR FREE on APP FRIDAY and learn all about life on the farm while listening to stories, watching videos, and playing awesome learning games!
  • Imagem de and have teamed to up to produce an AWESOME farm animals app for your ipad, ipod, or iphone. Learn all about life on the farm, watch farm videos, and play lots of farm-themed games! Download it now for FREE.
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    Check out this ipad-compatible awesome program for conceptualizing division
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    Can Justin Bieber help students learn to comprehend reading better? Why Not?
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    Kids may not like Sushi, but they'll love my newest game, Sushi Fractions! In Sushi Fractions, kids have to draw fractions based on unusual customer orders, which are then checked for accuracy! The object is to ensure all eight customers are satisfied customers. Like most of my games, this can also be played on your iPad browser.

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    Just a reminder to all educators that there are now ways to EARN MONEY on by writing lesson plans, biographies, and more.
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    Teachers, interested in earning extra income? Please check out paid opportunities for teachers on
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    the Mr.Nussbaum Mobile site is up and running. Now, you can play 65 of our most popular games and use our most popular math programs for FREE on your mobile device including iPads and Android Tablets. In addition, please share this post with teachers and parents you might know as we really want to get the word out.
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    Are You Smarter than Mr. Nussbaum? My weekly challenge is now online. Best my score of 20 in Word Scramble and earn 100 Neurons for your account. Watch the video and then practice. Send me a screenshot of your score (if it is higher than mine) and your Neurons User Name.
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    Mr. Nussbaum's Nightly Challenge ---

    Teachers, Parents, Homeschoolers --- Have your students play the multiplication game Around the World. Take a screenshot of your certificate earned at the end of the game and send it to me at Show you have succeeded in going "around the world" and I will add 50 Neurons (our site currency) to your account. To learn more about Neurons visit and click on the "Neurons" link in menu.
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    Teachers and Homeschoolers - Sign your kids up for Nussbaum's Neurons and watch how learning, reinforcement, and motivation are powered by reward potential. Look for Nussbaum's Nightly Activities where academic challenges on can earn students Neurons (the currency) redeemable for really cool prizes. To learn more, click the link below. se my next post for our nightly challenge.
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    Among many other new things on, please check out Nussbaum's Neurons - the new currency system for the site. Kids can register (without giving any personal information at all other than parent e-mail) and answer educational trivia questions that change every five minutes (enabling constant engagement). As they earn Neurons, they can redeem them for real-life prizes like gift cards and tablets!

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    u rock mr nussbaum
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    Teachers and Parents, check out my newest game called Crossing Math Canyon. Inspired by a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, users have to cross an invisible bridge over "math canyon" by using their counting, skip-counting, and multiples skills. Perfect for second and third graders. Also available at my Google Play (Android Marketplace store).
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    Check out first game designed specifically for K and Pre-K students. Mathemorphosis is a fun game where kids help a caterpillar turn into a butterfly by using their basic addition and subtraction skills (up to 9). More to come, but please let us know what you think.
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    For those of you that have used drag n’ drop math in the past, we bet you will love our two newest programs: drag n drop decimals and drag n drop fractions. Please visit our comprehensive math section at and scroll to math workshops. Then, click on the program you would like to use! By the way, both are tablet and iPad friendly and feature a “visualize” tool that turns fractions and decimals into pictures.
  • Imagem de will soon be adding a Pre-K and Kindergarten section to the site with exciting new games. Look for it in the coming months. In the meantime, try some our best re-designed games such as Bedtime Bandits, Clockworks, and Cash Out
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    There have now been over 3,000,000 multiplication facts answered using the Great American Multiplication Challenge! Williamson County, Texas still leads the way with 291,000 multiplication facts answered correctly. Score for your county today!
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