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    All eyes are on MobyMax in Jennifer Hunt’s 3rd Grade Lancaster Elementary class.

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    Please use MobyMax for math practice!
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    Mr. Hyland’s 4th grade class is learning the meaning of two big MobyMax words: independent and differentiated!
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    Krista Robertson’s class show off the next big thing in learning. Moby Tablets!
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    Hi I'm fairly new to MobyMax (loving it more than ANYTHING) but wondering if someone might help with an issue my students are having. While using MobyMax (via iPads) students are complaining that while working in a lesson they're sometimes suddenly sent back to the beginning of the lesson. Do I even make sense? Is this happening as a result of student error or possibly a glitch of some sort? I've yet to manage to have this happen when a student is in front of me to "witness" firsthand. Thanks!
    • Mrs. Hubler - Maybe it has to do with your wifi connection? Are you using it through the Edmodo app or the regular website?

      • Mar 5, 2015
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      • Mrs. Van Raden - We are having issues using assessment and also sound features lately. Other than that it's been fine.

        • Mar 6, 2015
      • MobyMax - Hi everyone!
        First of all, we're so delighted to see we have such helpful, responsive Moby teachers in our Edmodo network! As for the lesson restarting issue, that sounds super strange. I'm wondering if perhaps some students aren't passing their practice sets, which would mean they would be assigned up to four sets until they passed. Could that be part of the issue?
        Your instinct to observe a session is a good one. If you can't catch the reset while watching, I'd have a student experiencing the problem take note of the subjects that he or
        • Mar 6, 2015
    • MobyMax - Look what followed Seth Kinoshita home. MobyMax! Looks like he’s going to keep it.

      • Mar 5, 2015
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    Look what followed Seth Kinoshita home. MobyMax! Looks like he’s going to keep it.
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    MobyMax video inspires Tim Swanson of Oak Heights Elementary to create a progress wall.
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    I am hoping someone can give me a little more information...I was reading online and somewhere I read about students reaching the 500 minute goal. Is this a site reward/challenge? Or was it a particular school?
    • MobyMax - Hi there Mrs. Gudjonis,
      Thanks for writing. That sounds like a class or school contest to me! When we've done contest promotions in the past, they've always been based on points, not time. :)
      The MobyMax Team

      • Feb 24, 2015
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    Is anyone else experiencing sound issues on IPads lately? Despite all efforts many kids can't listen to teach me lessons. Started about three weeks ago.
    • MobyMax - Hi Mrs. Van Raden,
      Hmmm - that sounds really strange. In what subjects is this issue occurring? Have you given support a ring about it yet? You can reach out to them from 8-5 EST at (888)793-8331. They're great help!
      The MobyMax Team

      • Feb 19, 2015
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    Look who just mastered subtraction - John in Jennifer Bakula’s first grade MobyMax class! Look out division. Watch out multiplication. Move over fractions. John is in the house!

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MobyMax is a free, complete curriculum for K-8 Math and Reading including monitoring, Messenger, Vibes, Contests, Games, and more.

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