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    "MobyMax's Early Reading Trio helps teachers build a solid reading foundation for all students. The Trio empowers students to practice letter sounds and new words through interaction and to write their own stores, increasing their proficiency and fluency." Jody Hutchinson - Bon Air Middle School educator
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    EdTech Digest featured MobyMax Cognitive Skills Science as this week’s Cool Tool! Check out the review here:
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    Want to learn how to use MobyMax in your classroom? MobyMax hosts live training webinars every Monday from 8:30-9:30AM and Thursday from 4-5PM ET. To join the MobyMax webinar simply click this link at the time of the training webinar:
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    Learn how Rural Oregon School Deploys MobyMax to 'Fill the Holes' In Students' Math and Reading Skills - MobyMax Helps Students Increase 1.58 Grade Levels in just 26 hours of use.
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    A teacher at Washington Elementary School in Montana is using MobyMax to improve her student’s math skills. Through the power of technology, Diane Brown is leveraging MobyMax as part of the schools math intervention program. Read more>>
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    Is there a way to integrate a paid for teacher account on MobyMax with Edmodo? We are trying to limit the number of login accounts and having just Edmodo would be helpful.
    • MobyMax - Hi Ms. Amber!

      I'm happy to let you know that Edmodo users get access to the pro version of Moby on their accounts. No additional licensing is required.

      • Oct 6, 2015
    • Mrs. Darling - So, our school has purchased a license for MobyMax since it was MobyMath. Our district brings in Edmodo. What I'm understanding is that we no longer need to purchase our MobyMax license?

      • Oct 12, 2015
    • MobyMax - Hi Ms. Darling,
      That's correct! When using Moby via Edmodo, no license is required! If you wanted to use the web version however, you would need to purchase a license to use all of the pro features.

      • Oct 12, 2015
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    I am have your app but it will not show up on my students app screen. What do I need to do?
    • MobyMax - Hi Ms. Evener,

      Oh no! We definitely want to allow your students on to Moby! You'll need to add the students to a group in Edmodo for them to be able to access the MobyMax app. If you're still having trouble or have already added the students to a group, please contact one of our talented support agents by emailing and one of the agents will help to get this resolved as soon as possible.

      • Sep 28, 2015
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    My MobyMax class list still has all my students from last year in addition to this year. I archived my previous class in Edmodo. Is there a way to get rid of all the student names that are no longer current?
    • MobyMax - I'm happy to let you know there is a way to remove those students from your Edmodo account! You'll want to sign in to Moby via Edmodo and then navigate to your Roster. Once here, you can click the trashcan icon in the far right column to remove students.

      If you have any trouble, just let us know!

      • Sep 22, 2015
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    Several of my students do not display any applications for Reading other than the Reading Level Assessment portion. I've checked to make sure the applications aren't hidden. Suggestions?
    • MobyMax - Our support team is on standby to help out with this issue. If you wouldn't mind shooting them an email at that would be awesome!

      Our support agents can give this issue some personal attention and get to the bottom of things for you.

      • Sep 18, 2015
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    I would like to share data from Moby Max to other teachers without printing it. How can I accomplish this? Is it possible to make a teacher a co-teacher, so that they can see the results within Moby Max?
    • Mrs. Ulsh - you can share the class with that teacher which should allow them to see the data.

      • Sep 15, 2015
    • MobyMax - Hello Mrs. Hoge!

      I'm happy to let you know that you can actually generate PDF copies of progress monitoring reports for your class and send those along to other teachers if you wanted!

      For steps on generating these reports, please visit:

      Be sure to select the "Create PDF" option instead of "Print."

      • Sep 15, 2015
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MobyMax unlocks the power of personalized and blended learning to help students learn twice as fast. The company offers the only complete K-8 curriculum covering English language arts, math, and science. MobyMax identifies skill gaps with find-and-fix technology that targets instruction and helps students increase one full grade level in just 40 hours.

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