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    School may almost be over, but not MobyMax. With contests, games, messenger, and more, there’s always something fun for kids to do.

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    Defer Intermediate School is sweet on Moby Tablets!

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    We are thinking of upgrading to MobyMax Pro next year. Would anyone like to share how they work it into their curriculum? I am the only 7th and 8th grade ELA teacher at my rural school.
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    Clifton Clyde first graders show no signs of slowing down before summer vacation. Just look at how fast they’re learning on MobyMax.

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    Standardized testing doesn’t have to be a drag. MobyMax Test Prep makes preparation fun and builds confidence!
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    Lights! Camera! Tablets! Tablets! Tablets! Mrs. Miller’s 2nd grade girls create a video for the MobyMax Tablet Giveaway.
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    Because of a glitch with a few of the iPads in my ELA classes, some students are unable to access MobyMax through Edmodo. Is there a way students can go through the website but still be linked to our class on Edmodo? When I go to Roster (via Edmodo), and click the settings gear students do not have a user name and password. Only their first and last names are shown. How can I continue to have all of my students using MobyMax without creating new classes, usernames, etc. through Please help! Thank you!!
    • MobyMax - Hi Mrs. McClain,
      Thank you so much for writing. I am so sorry to hear you are having this problem! Are your students attempting to sign into Moby via the Edmodo app? If so, you might want to try signing into Edmodo via a regular browser, and then accessing the MobyMax app through there.
      We might also want to try troubleshooting why these students are unable to access MobyMax in the first place. Are they on an earlier version of an iPad? Do these students have different access settings for your school's network? Do you happen to know if they've enabled private
      • Apr 14, 2015
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    Goodbye crayons! Hello desktop! MobyMax is in Mrs. Gunter’s and Mrs. Weiss’ Dunlap Grade School Kindergarten class.
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    Read all about it! Jessica Preisig’s Powdersville Elementary MobyMax students are reading more than ever!
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    All eyes are on MobyMax in Jennifer Hunt’s 3rd Grade Lancaster Elementary class.

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MobyMax is a free, complete curriculum for K-8 Math and Reading including monitoring, Messenger, Vibes, Contests, Games, and more.

Prekindergarten - 8th