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    MobyMax video inspires Tim Swanson of Oak Heights Elementary to create a progress wall.
  • Mrs. Gudjonis's avatar
    I am hoping someone can give me a little more information...I was reading online and somewhere I read about students reaching the 500 minute goal. Is this a site reward/challenge? Or was it a particular school?
    • MobyMax - Hi there Mrs. Gudjonis,
      Thanks for writing. That sounds like a class or school contest to me! When we've done contest promotions in the past, they've always been based on points, not time. :)
      The MobyMax Team

      • Feb 24, 2015
  • Mrs. Van Raden's avatar
    Is anyone else experiencing sound issues on IPads lately? Despite all efforts many kids can't listen to teach me lessons. Started about three weeks ago.
    • MobyMax - Hi Mrs. Van Raden,
      Hmmm - that sounds really strange. In what subjects is this issue occurring? Have you given support a ring about it yet? You can reach out to them from 8-5 EST at (888)793-8331. They're great help!
      The MobyMax Team

      • Feb 19, 2015
  • MobyMax's avatar
    Look who just mastered subtraction - John in Jennifer Bakula’s first grade MobyMax class! Look out division. Watch out multiplication. Move over fractions. John is in the house!

  • Ms. Tanin's avatar
    I am unable to save any changes to the settings. I am also unable to exit the settings screen without leaving the app. Any ideas?
    • MobyMax - Hi Ms. Tannin,
      Thank you for writing. Hmmm - that sounds really strange. We made some updates to our site recently, so clearing your browser cache will most likely fix this error. For instructions on how to clear your browser cache, go here:
      If that doesn't help, would you mind reaching out to or (888)793-8331? Our support team should be able to get you squared away. :)
      • Feb 11, 2015
  • MobyMax's avatar
    Third graders feel right at home on their first day with MobyMax at Muskego Elementary!

  • Jacki Sloan's avatar
    Does this free app have same rights and as the free or pro website account?
    • MobyMax - Hi Jacki,
      Thank you so much for writing. The MobyMax Edmodo app offers most of the features you will find in MobyMax Pro. However, it does not offer school-wide data for administrators.
      Hope that helps clarify things!
      The MobyMax Team

      • Jan 26, 2015
    • Jacki Sloan - Thank you.

      • Feb 3, 2015
  • MobyMax's avatar
    3rd graders get comfortable with MobyMax Math at Luther C. Klager Elementary School.

  • MobyMax's avatar
    Evelyn Vicente wins a Moby Tablet after getting 6375 problems right in the Lowes Elementary MobyMax Challenge! Way to go Evelyn!
  • MobyMax's avatar
    What’s more fun than a snow day? A MobyMax snow day!
    Just ask Mitchel from Braden Middle School!
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MobyMax is a free, complete curriculum for K-8 Math and Reading including monitoring, Messenger, Vibes, Contests, Games, and more.

Prekindergarten - 8th