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    There are great resources for Algebra in Spotlight! #SpotlightAlgebra

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    Visit http://www.HQteachers.org to connect you with thousands of parents searching for highly skilled and knowledgeable tutors. FREE registration

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    Improve your Reflection Techniques.

    This Thanksgiving, take some time to reflect...

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    I have a teacher trying to connect with the "Grade 8 and Alg1" group in connection with Mathalicious... could someone please share the group join request link or provide more information to get this teacher connected? Thanks so much!

    • Mathalicious
      Mathalicious said Nov 6, 2013

      Hi Tamara - Would you please ask the teacher to email kate@mathalicious.com? Thank you.

    • Tamara Letter
      Tamara Letter said Nov 6, 2013

      Thanks so much!

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    Are there any resources for teaching logic (inverse, converse, contrapositive, etc.)?

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    My Algebra students have a very hard time with Direct and Inverse Variations. Any suggestions on ways to help them remember this concept?

    • Mathalicious
      Mathalicious said Jun 12, 2013

      If you're looking for ways to help them remember the difference between them and the associated vocab, that sort of thing isn't really in our wheelhouse.

      But, to contextualize y = kx, try Locks of Love.

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    I have found that my students have a difficult time with some of the lessons because they are not in the habit of thinking this way. This spring I decided to try some lessons that were a grade level or two below where we are just to give them a 'boost' on this type of thinking and they loved it! In September I plan to start out with some easier lessons and then build in difficulty as their confidence builds. Any other suggestions?

    • Mathalicious
      Mathalicious said Jun 12, 2013

      Your plan sounds great. Thinking about and exploring an unfamiliar problem is something that some kids aren't used to doing in math class. Developing the confidence to do so, and to lean on intuition, takes some time. Your instincts are very good!

      Some of our lessons are appropriate for contextualizing a concept when it is first introduced (as opposed to applying a concept after it's learned.) If you tell let us know what grades you teach, we might be able to suggest some appropriate lessons for that.

    • Mrs. Horsfall
      Mrs. Horsfall said Jun 12, 2013

      Mathalicious, any suggestions on 7th grade common core introductory lessons? We don't have a lot of extra time in our pacing guide to apply/practice once we've taught but I would love to incorporate more Mathalicious lessons that introduce and contextualize topics!

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    I have found this to be a very valuable website for creating student achievement certificates. I love being able to show them how proud of them I am. They love being made to feel special.


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    Hi Mathalicious/Edmodo community! We are looking to chat with you rock stars who both use Mathalicious lessons with your classes, and interact with your students through Edmodo (not necessarily at the same time). If this describes you, please shoot me an email: kate@mathalicious.com.

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    Mathalicious, is there any intention to add content below the fifth grade level?

    • Mathalicious
      Mathalicious said Jun 2, 2013

      Hi Mr. Bruder! Good question. We're focused on expanding our lesson library for middle and high school. In the short term, we're planning to expand to elementary.

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