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    Is there any demo for the arduino starter kit interactive materials? Also, how about the online editor?

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    • ManyLabs
      ManyLabs said Apr 7, 2014

      When you click on the app in the Edmodo store, it will bring you to a page showing info about the app. The top section has a set of screenshots/photos; the first one should be a link to the demo. It is a bit hard to find!

    • ManyLabs
      ManyLabs said Apr 7, 2014

      Also, the Arduino programming tools are part of the Starter Kit. We'll be adding additional information to make that more obvious.

    • Ms. marquez
      Ms. Marquez said Jun 21, 2016


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    I purchased the Arduino starter kit but I did not see a place to put my address? How do I send my address so I can receive my kit?

    • ManyLabs
      ManyLabs said Feb 9, 2014

      When you visit the app for the first time, it should prompt you for a shipping address. Let us know if there's any trouble with that. We're happy to help!

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    How can I get a preview of the app before I purchase it?

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    • Mrs. Latham
      Mrs. Latham said Oct 18, 2013

      I am currently interested in the biology app. I also teach Anatomy. Do you happen to have an anatomy app?

    • ManyLabs
      ManyLabs said Oct 18, 2013

      That sounds good. We will add a preview for the biology app early next week. Currently we don't have an Anatomy lesson, but hopefully we will in the future.

    • ManyLabs
      ManyLabs said Oct 22, 2013

      We have added a preview for the biology app. (We're also adding previews to the other apps.) Let us know if you have any suggestions for ways to improve the app.

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    We're happy to see lots of users of the Arduino Programming app. Let us know if there is any way we can improve it or our other apps. Also let us know if you have requests for new apps!

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    The physics simulations look like they may be very useful for my classes. How does the pricing of the app work? If the teacher buys the app for each of her groups, is there an additional cost per student?

    • ManyLabs
      ManyLabs said Jul 2, 2013

      Hi Mrs. Schneider. There is no additional cost per student. The cost of the app covers everyone in one group.

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    We have published a set a hardware kit apps for physics, biology, chemistry, and energy! After you buy one of these apps, we send you a kit of hardware (including an Arduino microcontroller). You can then use the hardware with interactive lessons inside the app. The price of the app includes the kit and shipping.

    • Mrs. Sterling
      Mrs. Sterling said Oct 20, 2013

      Is this deal still available? If I purchase this app, will I still get the kit of hardware?

    • ManyLabs
      ManyLabs said Oct 20, 2013

      Yes, the hardware kit apps are still available. The Arduino Programmer app is just software, but any ManyLabs app that includes "Kit" in the title comes with hardware.

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    Welcome to the ManyLabs page on Edmodo. We've published our first app: a collection of physics simulations. Let us know if you have any suggestions for new lessons!

    • Mrs. McGowan
      Mrs. McGowan said Oct 1, 2013

      I just purchased your app, however there was no prompt for an address. How do I contact your company with my address?

    • ManyLabs
      ManyLabs said Oct 1, 2013

      Hi Mrs. McGowan. It should prompt for an address the first time you run the app. (We don't have a way of asking for an address on purchase, just inside the app.) Feel free to use the app's feedback form if you have any trouble. Thank you for the purchase!

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