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    What is the timeline for resolving the issues? Purchasing this for a year and I only have students for 9 months, therefore, I already pay for extra time. Are you going to extend our deadline for the app?

    • Mangahigh.com Math Games


      Mangahigh is longer able to support Edmodo. If you could please drop an email to support@mangahigh.com we will organise a refund for you.

      Best wishes,

      Gabriella Vroom

    • Mrs. Young
      Mrs. Young said Dec 8, 2015

      This saddens me. My students loved playing this multiplication game. I had purchased the Mangahigh Sundae Times (multiplication game)

    • Mangahigh.com Math Games

      If you go to http://www.mangahigh.com and register as a teacher you can have access to a free Mangahigh account and you will get a four week free trial to our paid subscription. If you need any help setting up your account just let me know and I can do that for you.

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    Why am I getting a separate screen that asks me to log in. How do I find my school code. Also, what username and password do we need to use because I cannot even log in with my Edmodo username and password.

    • Mr. Waara
      Mr. Waara said Nov 15, 2015

      I'm having the same problem. Also, now my students aren't able to log into their MangaHigh Edmodo apps any longer. These were purchased apps and I would like to make sure that my students can use them. Please reply. Thanks.

    • Mangahigh.com Math Games
      Mangahigh.com Math Games said Nov 20, 2015


      Could you please send me a screencast of the issue you are experiencing: http://screencast-o-matic.com/home,

      What happens when you try and login using Edmodo?

      Can you please respond to support@mangahigh.com?

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    Hey, your YouTube video is private!!

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    How do I add more stuidents?!

    • Mangahigh Teacher
      Mangahigh Teacher said Aug 26, 2015

      Hi, please send an email to support@mangahigh.com and we will respond to your query as soon as possible!

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    I purchased Times Table game Is this only for 30 students? How would I get it avaible for more students?

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    Please, make it available in UAE

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    I am trying to use the free version of A Times Table Game and it asks for a school code as well. It says we cannot log in because students are signed into Edmodo. Why is this happening?

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    I used the PEMDAS app last year and had a few students that the game would keep their score. I have a similar issue this year in my 4th period-a student is paying the game but it is not keeping a score. I have game competitions using your apps and would like to know how I can fix this issue. I have purchased extra when that pops up about adding new students. This student was in my original group.

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    Is Jetstream Riders working for everyone else on the website? My students miss their favorite game!

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