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    Hello, I have several questions.
    1. Will your app work on iPads?
    2. If so, can I just post it on Edmodo for a whole class or do I need to assign it to individual students?


    • LearnThat Foundation
      LearnThat Foundation said Jul 31, 2016

      It will work on iPads in its web form, but it is not an app. At LearnThatWord, each student needs an individual account, as the program personalizes the quizzes for each students learning profile (continuously practicing the words they find hard until they are learned long-term).

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    Have you already tried our new vocabulary quiz?
    What do you think?

    Watch our short intro here:
    Thank you,
    Your LearnThat team

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    I was just wondering if you realize that in your synopsis of your spelling tutorial app that you have a spelling mistake. You note that words come to live, rather than words come to life. I thought I would let you know.

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    • Ms. Forbes
      Ms. Forbes said Dec 6, 2013

      It says: (especially note the last sentence)

      LearnThatWord Basic
      Easy and effective vocabulary tutoring online. Try this basic app, then upgrade to the Edmodo Premium app for spelling practice, performance, rewards, etc. Adaptive practice for every student. Use our modules or add your own lists. Words come to live with our multi-media Open Dictionary of English.

    • LearnThat Foundation
      LearnThat Foundation said Dec 7, 2013

      Dear Ms. Forbes, the great folks at Edmodo already fixed this for us (it was in a part that we could not edit ourselves). Thank you so much for alerting us to this! It's been there for a year before someone told us (or even noticed?).
      Thank you and happy holidays!

    • Ms. Forbes
      Ms. Forbes said Dec 8, 2013

      Wow. No problem. And to you too! :-)

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    Do you know how many adults are illiterate today? Check out UNESCO's new infographic, published in celebration of International Literacy Day!

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    I am very confused by how to use this app with my class. I have installed the free version as a trial to see if it is worth spending so much money on the full version, but I can't even figure out how to set it up and add my own vocabulary lists. I have watched your videos, but they are not any help. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

    • LearnThat Foundation
      LearnThat Foundation said Sep 8, 2013

      Hello Ms. Lee, I would love to learn more about where you get stuck. Please contact me at support@LearnThat.org and if we can't instantly help you along, maybe we can do a screen share.

      Key to using your teacher portal is to start by grouping students into classes. Once you select a class, it takes you through a very easy process to either use a ready-made list or add your own.

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    Words Are The Currency of Life
    “If you want to be rich, you have to have a rich man’s vocabulary. Words can make you rich, or can make you poor.”
    Robert Kiyosaki, author of the popular book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

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    Online Learning Rules
    This meta-analysis found that, on average, students in online learning conditions performed modestly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction. It reviewed more than a thousand empirical studies of online learning from 1996 through July 2008. Remember, this includes time when online learning was much more clunky and less interactive and media-based than it is today. Winner of winners: Those approaches that blended online learning with face time. No real surprise here; simply a valuable effort supporting common sense.

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    This is what I love about kids: Give them the power to set things right, and they will!

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    Do you get these right?
    Most people are cognitive misers, meaning they process information to the degree that seems sufficient and then stop. It's our brain's way of saving it's resources, yet it sometimes lets us down. Did you answer these riddles correctly?

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    Mistakes build your brain
    Nobody likes being wrong. But it's how your brain is built and expanded. Teaching means enabling questions and experiments and allowing mistakes as stepping stones to knowledge.

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