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    hello i have the same problem : impossible to install whiteboard with edmodo

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    I am trying to install the app but only getting the message that it is unsuccessful. Any ideas?

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    I installed whiteboardgenie and open it but everytime I touch a button it refreshes. everything I draw is immediately erased. Is there something needed?

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    I should have read this wall before purchasing Whiteboardgenie - Audio for $9.99. I can't download it and the website has a error page for instructions on how to fix things.
    I feel like i/we all got scammed =( There goes my $9.99. There goes my idea of teaching at home when I'm sick.
    Is there another app that I could use?

    • Dawn Schaeffer
      Dawn Schaeffer said Jun 17, 2015

      I purchased Explain Everything but haven't had time to check it out yet. Show Me used to be good but now it needs in app purchases and our school can't manage that.GoToMeeting and GoToTraining are absolutely great but not as cheap.

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    Same problem here. The genie doesn't work.

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    I invited my students to a session, I can see them on but nothing is being shared. Help?

    • Ms. Kaelin
      Ms. Kaelin said Dec 7, 2014

      That's happening to everyone, but no one from the company seems to be helping.

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    White Board Genie is not working! It looks like there hasn't been a post here for a while. Is tech support following this page? I can login and invite, the invitation appears in Edmodo, but we cannot share our screens. I see my image and the students see their images only. Thanks.

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    Something doesn't seem to be working. I invited students to a session using the WhiteBoardGenie app. Once we figured out that the students had to go through the App Launcher, they join the session, but nothing is actually shared between us. Each of us can only see what we have individually entered on our screens. Please help.

    • Dr. Paschini
      Dr. Paschini said Nov 19, 2014

      I've the same problem and I don't know the solution!
      Somebody help us please!

    • Mrs. Dunham
      Mrs. Dunham said Dec 5, 2014

      Me, too! It doesn't seem to be working!

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    I don't get a tool bar on the right side of the board. ?

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    my students got the notification they were invited. Do they have to use edmodo through the web to access? I could not see it through IOS. I could not find apps anywhere in IOS. I would like to potentially use this app with my students but I need some clarity on HOW to do it.

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