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    Will your app be available next year in the Edmodo store? I am submitting my budget soon for the coming year and I would hate to have a fiasco like last year where I order it, the money is sent, and I have to call around until I find out the app isn't available anymore and wait a month for money to be refunded. By then it was too late to get the fund re-alloted to the website version. The edmodo app was really very helpful.

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    Hello, would you happen to know of an online adaptive curriculum in Economics that i could use for the online component of blended learning in my classroom? thank you very much!

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    I'm going to my account to purchase the app and it says "not accepting licence purchases at this time." Does this mean I cannot do my project... or because my other app that I bought last year at this time hasn't expired yet? PLEASE HELP!!!

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    • Mme Anderson
      Mme Anderson a dit 8 December, 2015

      Thank you! Is it the same as the Edmodo version? Can students access it at home? Also, is there a way for them to share the videos they create with the class instead of just the teachers?

    • GoAnimate For Schools
      GoAnimate For Schools a dit 5 January, 2016

      It's very similar. You'll find more themes available for video creating. Yes, students can access their accounts at home and yes, there is a way for them to share videos with the class. Definitely check out the free trial so you can see for yourself how the site works and let us know if you have any questions.

    • Mr. Hudson PLTW
      Mr. Hudson PLTW a dit 26 January, 2016


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    Is GoAnimate still available in the Edmodo Store?

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    Hello, would you happen to know of a free program similar to videoScribe? (other than powtoon) thanks


    I would like to share the projects I'm developing in computer classes in a public school of the city of SP Brazil
    I am work with Go animate - Scrath- Pixton - Code

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    Any suggestions on which apps or other educational tools you use to teach electron configuration using tablets? Thanks in advance. :)

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    • Mme Liwanag
      Mme Liwanag a dit 10 December, 2014

      Thanks ms pike!

    • M. Ree
      M. Ree a dit 13 March, 2015

      GoAnimate? Umm... no

    • Mlle Pike
      Mlle Pike a dit 13 March, 2015

      In Edmodo and out.

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    I paid for this app, and now I can't get it to work. When the students click on the link, it just says page cannot be found. HELP?! I am really aggravated at this point.

    • GoAnimate For Schools
      GoAnimate For Schools a dit 3 December, 2014

      Thanks for reaching us at edmodo@goanimate.com. We'll handle it from there.

  • Avatar de Mme Paquette

    Are students able to return to an animation and continue editing after it has been saved? I have students in my school who are unable to continue editing. Help! Thank you :)

    • GoAnimate For Schools
      GoAnimate For Schools a dit 3 December, 2014

      Hi Mrs. Paquette,
      Students can edit videos that were made in a full video maker only.

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