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  • Fawn  Canady的虚拟化身
    Anyone use info graphics in the classroom? Would love to hear/see how you do it!
  • Pruente女士的虚拟化身
    When my students copy the URL and post in Edmodo as a note the Glogster they created distorts and the pictures are huge and block the text. Have tried to troubleshoot many different options (emailed them, exported as an image, opened in Safari then in the Glogster App.) but none seem to solve the problem. Any ideas?
  • eulalia ferrer的虚拟化身
    Hello, I have created a class, I have 18 students, all are active but 5 that after reading every FAQ and watch every video I still do not understand why I can see them in the class but they are not active.
  • McGonagle小姐的虚拟化身
    Is there a way to embed a Glog created on the iPad into Edmodo or Kidblog? I tried, but it would only embed as a .jpeg image, so that's pretty useless. I'm in a 1:1 iPad school, and this would be high on my list of requests. Thanks!
    • McGonagle小姐 - Is Glogster going to answer? I don't even see an option of copying a link so that it could be attached to Edmodo.

      • 2014年 10月 18日
  • Kasal小姐的虚拟化身
    Why are we unable to use the trash can tool on iPad glogster app?
    • Glogster - Hi Ms. Kasal, in order to delete elements on the app, simply tap and hold the element to 'pick it up', then really 'throw' it toward the trash can with a fast swipe, rather than a drag-and-drop. Hope this helps!

      • 2014年 10月 13日
    • McGee女士 - Had the same problem. My students figured it out. LOL

      • 2014年 11月 7日
  • Thompson小姐的虚拟化身
    How do I get an educator's code?
  • Roseli Serra的虚拟化身
  • The Book Monster的虚拟化身
    Hi All,
    Looking to connect with other teacher librarians about how to smoothly integrate technology into the school collective consciousness and practices. Hope you are having a super day :)
  • Kuncl小姐的虚拟化身
    How can my students attach their glog to Edmodo? There used to be a button on Glogster for Edmodo.
    • Karen Finklestein - They should be able to post the link or embed code.

      • 2014年 7月 7日
    • Professor Dumbledore - Anytime I add a Glog, the circle icon in the middle just keeps spinning and spinning and nothing ever shows up!

      • 2014年 9月 1日
  • Cusmano女士的虚拟化身
    I accidentally deleted a student. Is there any way to get that student and their Glog's back? It is very important!
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