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  • Maggie Kilgore's avatar
    are these usable on iPads?
  • Mrs. Blackwell's avatar
    Are your apps compatible with IOS?
  • Mrs. Smith's avatar
    I have installed these apps but they don't show up in my I doing something wrong?
  • Center for Game Science's avatar
    Tell us how we can make refraction better, especially with regards to the assessment portal.
  • Mr. Jones's avatar
    Hello, I have two questions.

    1. Is it normal for the game to get stuck at the opening screen with just an image of the sky with no music or options to start the game? That has been a recent problem with both Firefox and Opera.

    2. Can you make the teacher portal more user friendly? I would like to easily see how my students are doing by name or at least username. Right now I find it difficult to do that which limits the usefulness of figuring out which students are struggling with particular concepts.
    • Center For Game Science - Hi Mr. Jones. Regarding your Point 1, this happens if our server is down due to the overload of people playing (we are barely keeping up with the popularity of the game). This should be fixed, please let me know if this still remains an issue.
      On Point 2, in the next day or two you will see student's names as well as some additional improvements to the portal. we are very interested in actively improving the portal this month, so please send us any big or small ideas on how to improve things further.
      Many thanks,

      • Apr 26, 2012
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Our Center develops games that adapt to each learner, provide detailed assessment to teaches and parents and focus on development of conceptual understanding of STEM concepts.

Prekindergarten - Higher Education