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  • Mrs. Corey-Blew's avatar

    Are you going to be updating to Edmodo Spotlight for the sticky notes app?

  • Mrs. Calderwood's avatar

    Is it possible to save a countdown in "A Teacher's Timer" app? I was hoping to use this timer as a countdown to exam day. Many thanks.

  • Mrs. Shelton's avatar

    Hi - I'm thinking of purchasing your Sticky Notes app for use on an outreach project, so that students can communicate with one another, but is it possible to access them outside a lesson ie are they "realtime" only, or can they be added to at home or during lunch, for example?

  • Mrs. Kirkland's avatar

    I am a teacher in England and can't get the app. My kids love the book and would love this app.
    Mrs Kirkland England

  • Mr. Reynolds's avatar

    My students could play the game but it did not accurately track their progress and no one was ever able to reach 100% because it kept setting them back. I emailed support and got no response. I have noticed I am not the first with that issue.

    • Flatter World
      Flatter World said Sep 18, 2015

      Hey Mr. Reynolds,

      Very sorry about the delay here, we have been on a much needed Oregon vacation! Sometimes we have seen glitches from the different browsers. What browser/os are you using? Maybe I can recreate it and see if there is a fix.


    • Mr. Reynolds
      Mr. Reynolds said Sep 21, 2015

      explorer, some were using the app. No one had problems playing it, just with it saving their progress.

  • Mrs. Gauthier's avatar

    I am not able to install the Flat Stanley app. What can I do? Thank you!

    • Flatter World
      Flatter World said Sep 18, 2015

      Hi Mrs. Gauthier,

      It looks like our Flat Stanley app stopped working with an update to the edmodo apps api. I am sorry about the inconvenience. This might take a us a while to sort out. Are you able to use the website or ios app in the meantime?

      Sorry about this again, keeping up with the latest tech changes can be challenging for our small team.


  • Mr. Tong's avatar

    Does the flashcard application allow you to use the LaTex math mode that the quiz maker does in Edmodo? If not, is there any native method used to put mathematics onto the cards other than porting over an image file?

    Thank you

    • Flatter World
      Flatter World said Aug 14, 2015

      Hi Mr. Tong,
      Currently our flashcard app only accepts standard keyboard entries. The good news is we have a ios/android app which will allow you to easily upload images to the cards using your phones camera. This way there isn't any meticulous data entry needed.

  • Mrs. McGee's avatar

    We have installed ABC Minsters but we have no sound? other apps that use sound are working fine.

    • Flatter World
      Flatter World said Sep 18, 2015

      Hi Mrs. Mcgee,

      We use mp4 files for all of our sounds which is the most widely supported format. Unfortunately it may not be supported in older browsers. We recommend chrome or safari for our apps as internet explorer can cause some very strange results depending on the version. Can I ask what browser you are using?


  • Kekeha Solis's avatar

    I sent an email to but never got a follow up.

  • Ms. hoffner's avatar

    Hi there,
    I'm having issues with the flashcards. When I share a stack with my students they can't see it on their accounts. They also can't scroll down if there IS an option to see more than one stack.There seem to be a lot of glitches on our end. Thanks in advance!

    • Flatter World
      Flatter World said Apr 10, 2015

      Hi Ms. Hoffner! Thank you for using the app. I can definitely help you with that. Can you please send an email to so I can personally answer your question? Thank you so much :) Robert

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