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    How can my students see their behavior development. They can't see it in their app manager. I went to the settins ant it is supposed to be enabled. What can I do??

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    OK, I installed it, now how do I add my classes? I have 18 of them?

  • Mrs. García-Montejo's avatar

    Hello. I'm intending to use this kind of apps exclusively for my students respecting the privacy rights of your project. The problem is, that all my students have Spanish as native language and close to 0 knowledge of English. My questions are: ¿Do you offer this service in Spanish? And, in case you don'd, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks for your help 😊

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    Is there a way to use this app on a mobile device? I have the edmodo app downloaded on my tablet and have been searching for how to pull up Class Charts. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. :)

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    Installed the app and updated all of my data. App worked great for the last 2 weeks. Monday morning I come in and log into Edmodo and I no longer have the app! Its gone. Data is gone. Can anything be done about this?

    • Mr. Jenvitz
      Mr. Jenvitz said Jan 26, 2015

      Try reinstalling the App from the Edmodo App Store?

    • Mr. Pfister
      Mr. Pfister said Jan 26, 2015

      Got it!!! Awesome! Thanks Mr. Jenvitz

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    Why are the students locked to the corners of desks, instead of where they actually sit? This really is a useless app. By locking them to the corners, it is impossible to have them organised exactly where we want them.

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    I have installed class charts to my groups in edmodo, but I don't find the way to use. Can someone tell me how to use it???

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    Is there a way to see a total of how many positive, negative, and total behavior points a class has? Or can you set a goal for a class to reach together?

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    Is there any discussion of making this edmodo app ipad friendly? This would make it an "every day" tool in my classroom.

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    I've installed my class charts on my home computer then when I tried to access it at school, the link to class charts don't bring me there. link to other apps like planner and photo editor works fine. I am not sure if it is being blocked by our proxy or if i should have installed it on the school's computer. I tried visiting the Class Charts direct website and it woks just fine. Please help. Thanks in advance :-)

    • Ms. Bermudez
      Ms. Bermudez said Aug 10, 2014

      Same happened to me. I couldn't install it.

    • Mrs. Likigan
      Mrs. Likigan said Aug 11, 2014

      Sorry for not updating this but I found out it is because of the Internet Browser. It did run on the Google Chrome but not on Mozilla and IE.... maybe my browsers are not updated with the needed apps.... :-)

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