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  • Avatar van mej. AlSh.
    where can we watch the live streaming of the conference?
  • Avatar van mej. Meis
    I can't wait to hear Laura Murphy, of Pinckney Elementary School in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, speak at Edmodocon tomorrow. I was thrilled to be part of the "AuthorConnect" pilot program in her ELA classroom. We brought authors from around the world into her classroom, and watched the children engage in amazing conversations about books and writing on Edmodo. If you'd like to sign up for emails about AuthorConnect, which will be released as a free app in the Edmodo app store this fall, I'm including a link.
    • Mevr. Hubler - Sounds great! I'm a Personalized Learning Coach in Charleston County. Good to see a 'local' here. Look forward to hearing your session tomorrow.

      • 7 uur geleden
    • Mej. Hamdan - i want to attend the edmodocon but I can not can you help me

      • 4 uur geleden
  • Avatar van mej. McDivitt
    So...of course my sister's unborn child decides to gestate too long, so I will be traveling out to meet the little one on the day of EdmodoCon 2015! ;) I believe you rebroadcast the materials...if I read your FAQs correctly. Will I receive a certificate if I don't attend the sessions live but watch all the materials?
    • Mevr. Muse - I think you print and fill out the certificate yourself so you should be OK.

      • 5 uur geleden
  • Avatar van mevr. McCarthy
    Is it a Twitter Chat in disguise?
    • Emily Elliott - While you can follow live tweets about EdmodoCon, the event itself is closer to a traditional conference as there is a keynote speaker as well as "breakout" sessions on specific topics/strategies from selected educators. Check out the speakers and conference schedule here: https://www.edmodocon.com/#schedulerow.

      • 1 August, 2015
  • Avatar van mevr. notghi
    I am looking forward to EdmodoCon 2015!
  • Avatar van mevr. Cole
    Excited for EdmodoCon 2015 and viewing party!
  • Avatar van dhr. Hart
    Can't wait for EdmodoCon 2015!! This is TeachingCenter!
  • Avatar van dhr. Starling
    Hi, I was wondering how I can get a copy of my 2014 certificate from EdmodoCon? I can't seem to find it anywhere. :( Thanks.
  • Avatar van Kevyn Klein
    Learn more about our speakers each day! Check out Laura Murphy on Author Chats!
    • Mej. Meis - So proud of the amazing Laura Murphy. Your Mount Pleasant/Pinckney Elementary fan club will be cheering you on!

      • 31 July, 2015
  • Avatar van Elsa Valenzuela Torres

    I would like to know if there will be any possibility to have the conference recorded or you will upload it to

    Edmodo so that the teachers who are unable to see it can have a look at it later on.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Kevyn Klein - Yes - it will be recorded. You can find our past recordings on edmodo.com/training

      • 21 July, 2015
    • Laat 2 meer reacties zien...
      • Elsa Valenzuela Torres - Thank you very much.

        • 23 July, 2015
      • Mej. Peterson - Thank you Miss Elsa for asking that! I was just recently hired in a district where preplanning starts next week, so I'll miss out on EdmodoCon; I had already planned out my snack foods for the day!

        • 29 July, 2015
    • Elsa Valenzuela Torres - Hello
      I have already registered for EdmodoCon 2015 but I would like to know if it is going to be only in English since I know some people who are interested but they do not speak English.
      Elsa Valenzuela Torres

      • 7 July, 2015
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EdmodoCon is Edmodo’s annual educator conference. The event brings educators together online for a one-day professional development extravaganza!

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