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    Bal先生 から EdmodoCon

    Does anyone have a flyer they already created for EdmodoCon2016 I can use? TIA!

  • Go先生のアバター
    Go先生 から EdmodoCon

    So excited for EdmodoCon this year! I just started using Edmodo and am excited to learn more about how to use it with my middle school students. Are there any pre-conference events?

    • Haugom先生
      Haugom先生 2016年 6月 15日に言いました

      What subjects/grade level do you teach?

    • Go先生
      Go先生 2016年 6月 17日に言いました

      I teach 7th grade social studies. Our curriculum is tied to US history but I try to make sure my students have a global perspective!

    • Clements Mangroo先生
      Clements Mangroo先生 2016年 6月 28日に言いました

      Hi Ms. Go and Mr. Haugom, we will be supporting people to host pre-EdmodoCon TeachUps, as well as day-of Viewing Parties. Stay tuned for more information soon!

      And in the future, please be sure to keep the conversation going in this Topic (as opposed to the Community we're in now): https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1387/EdmodoCon

  • EdmodoConのアバター

    Hello Everyone! We are excited to announce that this year each EdmodoCon session will have its own Edmodo Topic to keep the rich discussions alive before, during, and after the event! You can find the full list of Session Topics to follow in our EdmodoCon 2016 Help Center Article.
    We are excited for the great conversations to come!

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    Letter先生 から EdmodoCon

    What's the official twitter hashtag for EdmodoCon? #edmodocon, #edmodocon16 or #edmodocon2016?

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    Rutta先生 から EdmodoCon

    Excited for EdmodoCon!

  • EdmodoConのアバター

    Hello EdmodoCon Enthusiasts! We know you're all anxious to hear more about this year's EdmodoCon, coming up on August 2-3, 2016. We will begin promotional activities at the end of the month, so stay tuned for more soon!

    All speaker applicants have been contacted, but if you have any additional questions, please fill out a Help Desk ticket.

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    Martin先生 から EdmodoCon

    What was the date and time for Edmodocon last year?

    • Letter先生
      Letter先生 2016年 5月 23日に言いました

      Last year was Tuesday, August 4; not sure of the exact times.

    • Martin先生
      Martin先生 2016年 5月 24日に言いました

      Thank you

  • Selouane先生のアバター

    Very Excited about upcoming Edmodocon!

  • Mittal先生のアバター
    Mittal先生 から EdmodoCon

    congrats Ms Scott!!

  • Scott先生のアバター
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    I did get notified that I was not chosen as a presenter but could do a video to be featured concerning my project which was integrating ck12 and Edmodo. Not sure how it will work.. still waiting on details. Congratulations to the presenters that were chosen!!

    • Johnson先生
      Johnson先生 2016年 5月 12日に言いました

      Is there a list somewhere of those who were selected? I still have not heard anything.

    • Scott先生
      Scott先生 2016年 5月 12日に言いました

      No I don't know of a list