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    From their website: "We’re hard at work creating the EdmodoCon badges, certificates, and recordings. We’ll let you know when everything is ready."
  • Mrs. Looney's avatar
    Absolutely Amazing! Thank you to everyone who spent countless hours preparing for this event and for sharing! Please know you are changing the world..One...Teacher...At...A...Time! For that we are forever grateful!
  • Ms. Sanders's avatar
    Absolutely amazing the wealth of information that was shared! Thank you to the presenters and organizers! This was amazing!
  • Dr. Stone's avatar
    Great EdmodoCon 2015-thanks to all.
  • Mrs. Fahey's avatar
    Wonderful conference - I'm coming away inspired and energized once again! What a great way to spend my day 😀 Keynote was fantastic, too. Thanks for everything!
  • Mrs. Epps's avatar
    What a marvelous day of learning and sharing. Kudos to Edmodo! Thanks for all the great ideas!
  • Mrs. Anderson's avatar
    Thank you to all who put this together! Job well done!
    Thank you to the presenters - lots of great and useful information!
  • Mrs. Hill's avatar
    I also wonder how to get the certificate...
  • Cecilia Monserrat's avatar
    EdmodoCon 2015 has been really inspiring. Thank you, Edmodo people!
  • Mr. Saaad's avatar
    A very successful conference! Thank you Edmodo team!
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EdmodoCon is Edmodo’s annual educator conference. The event brings educators together online for a one-day professional development extravaganza!

Prekindergarten - Higher Education