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    Wanted to let everyone know that as of August 16th we will no longer be supporting DigitWhiz on Edmodo.
    We would love to have our Edmodo users continue to play DigitWhiz via our web app (www.digitwhiz.com)!
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at: kasey@digitwhiz.com

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    • DigitWhiz
      DigitWhiz said Aug 10, 2015

      Hi Mrs. Parker- we are transitioning to a subscription model and aren't offering a paid version on Edmodo right now. Hopefully in the near future we will!

    • Mrs. Parker
      Mrs. Parker said Aug 13, 2015

      How much will you charge?

    • DigitWhiz
      DigitWhiz said Aug 13, 2015

      Here's a link to our pricing page: https://www.digitwhiz.com/pricing/
      We are offering a 20% discount until the 15th 😀

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    Hi- Would you please tell me how to add my classes to the roster? I only see a group that doesn't belong to me.

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    • Mrs. Ritenour
      Mrs. Ritenour said Nov 14, 2014

      When I am in the "Manage Apps" window DigitWhiz is not listed. I still see it in my app folder. I scrolled to the bottom of the "Manage Apps" section, to double check, and it is not listed. Any idea why?

    • DigitWhiz
      DigitWhiz said Nov 14, 2014

      We're not sure why (sorry this has been such a dilemma!). I'm wondering if you go to the "store" icon and "end user agreement" if it will delete it so you can re-add the app versus just disconnect the groups (which you did). If not, we can contact Edmodo directly and get some help w/this or you can if you have time.

    • Mrs. McKendry
      Mrs. McKendry said Dec 4, 2014

      I am having the same issue....??

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    Is there a way for teachers to monitor badges etc.. My kiddos love it - I just need help with knowing how to monitor it a bit. Do they choose the lessons or are they assigned them in a certain order? I would love ideas of how others are using this.

    • DigitWhiz
      DigitWhiz said Oct 24, 2014

      Hi Mrs. Morris! That's awesome that your kids love DigitWhiz! We appreciate it! Once a student completes the placement for a topic (i.e.: multiplication), they are automatically assigned games to practice the skills that they specifically need to master. The game links are listed on a student's Play Card and update as the student makes progress. Kids can take a short Mastery test at any time they feel ready for a skill (i.e.: 7's or 11', etc). We also prompt them w/a note on their Play Card once they have practiced and show improvement.

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    When the students click on the DigitWhiz icon and then watch the 1 min video, they are then being asked to download the app before taking the quiz. This then disables them from being linked to Edmodo, thus being unable to take the quiz. What have I done wrong please?

    • DigitWhiz
      DigitWhiz said Sep 18, 2014

      Hi! Are you accessing DigitWhiz thru the Edmodo mobile app? If so, the program doesn't work in that environment. DigitWhiz is best accessed directly from the Edmodo site (www.edmodo.com). Please let us know..... Thanks!

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    Is it iPad friendly?

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    Very fun app!

    • Ms. Brown
      Ms. Brown said Aug 12, 2014

      Hi Mrs. Stoughton! Thanks very much :) Hope you have a great start to the school year! Kasey

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    How do my kids play on their iPad? Igot the app through Edmodo and have my class uploaded. Now what? The app doesn't show up when their on edmodo through their iPad. Do they need the app through iTunes?

    • DigitWhiz
      DigitWhiz said Feb 21, 2014

      Are your kids using the Edmodo iPad app? If that's the case, DigitWhiz isn't available there and can only be accessed through Edmodo's website. We'll work on getting the DigitWhiz Edmodo app approved for mobile. In the meantime, your kids can access DigitWhiz on their iPads by going to the Edmodo website and launching DigitWhiz from there.

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    Thank you teachers for all you do! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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