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  • Mr. Nadler's avatar
    Hey guys! I love code monkey! Will part 3 be coming to Edmodo?
    • CodeMonkey Studios - Thanks for the positive feedback! CodeMonkey loves you back :)
      At the moment we don't have a certain plan for releasing chapter 3 as an Edmodo app.
      However if you are interested to unlock it for your students on Edmodo please send an email to and we'll set it up.

      • Feb 2, 2015
    • Mrs. Hallwachs - Code third graders are ready for more too. Can I also test part 3?

      • Feb 5, 2015
  • Mrs. Collea's avatar
    Is there more than the 30 lessons? This was a big hit! I would love to continue with more if there is more.
    • CodeMonkey Studios - Yes! The 2nd CodeMonkey chapter (containing another 30 challenges) is already available as a paid app in the Edmodo Store. The 3rd chapter is available on via PayPal.
      Sorry for the delay, we're not used to getting messages on Edmodo yet... :)

      • Nov 28, 2014
  • Dr. Raphael's avatar
    Can you tell me how to set up a group for my students? ( see they have the option to join a group; I assume a teacher can create a group to keep track of them?) Thank for your response.

    • CodeMonkey Studios - Sorry for the delay, somehow only now we've seen your message here.
      If you install the CodeMonkey Edmodo app as a teacher to one of your Edmodo groups, you should see the group and its students when logged to your Edmodo teacher account under "Groups" in CodeMonkey main menu (top right corner).
      Let us know if you need more help!

      • Oct 14, 2014
    • Dr. Raphael - Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I will check it out. I have introduced your app to students today and they loved it. Thank you for the great program. I am looking forward to learning more about it.
      (Tech Coordinator/Tech Faculty
      American Community School Athens)

      • Oct 14, 2014
    • Dr. Raphael - CodeMonkey team,
      I do not see anything identifying "Groups."
      Can you please tell me specifically where I can find this.
      (If necessary I can send you a screen shot if that's helpful to show you what I see. The only thing available appears to be be 'Join a group."
      I don't appear to have any option to create a group for my class.
      Thanks in advance for your response.

      • Oct 14, 2014
  • Mr. Romero's avatar
    excelente apliacion. mis estudiantes lo usan mucho,..ya solucionaron los 60 retos y estan esperando mas
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CodeMonkey is an educational game environment where children learn to code in a real programming language. CodeMonkey can provide any parent or school with the advantage of offering their children or students the opportunity to attain the most cutting edge computer programming education.

2nd - 10th