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  • Ms. Jackson's avatar
    Can I do a live chat with my students
  • Ms. Wolk-Rogers's avatar
    is this considered a social media site and therefore be blocked like Facebook?
    • Mr. Prado - yes it is considered a social media site. I think blocking is not yet a feature of edmodo.

      • Aug 16, 2015
    • Mrs. Gilliard - its a restricted social site, no one from the outside can come in. Educational only.

      • Aug 17, 2015
  • Mrs. Cress's avatar
    What are the differences between the web version and the Edmodo version?
    • Mrs. Depaz - what

      • Jul 11, 2015
    • Ms. Orteg - aca ablan todos en ingles

      • Jul 13, 2015
  • Mr. Márquez Alama's avatar
    en ese link que les envie del chat solo ponen sus nombres y dejan el codigo de grupo y ya estan en chat por alguna pregunta yo les respondere por ese medio
  • Mr. Márquez Alama's avatar
  • Mr. Jones's avatar
    I've already paid for an upgraded Backchannel Chat account, but to use that account through Edmodo I still have to pay an additional $15 per group?
    • Backchannel Chat - Hi,
      Sorry the Edmodo store is different to our web version, we don't control the payments or access via Edmodo.

      • Jan 27, 2015
    • Mrs. Sorensen - So, I have a similar question...I got the app for $15 for the Student Stock Trader in Edmodo but it seemed to only cover a certain number of students, like when new students joined I had to pay small amounts extra for them. I like this app and am trying to decide how to proceed. If I just get it outside of Edmodo, is there a cap on the number of students who can play? It looks like it is unlimited on the outside app. Thanks!

      • Feb 4, 2015
  • Coach Roach's avatar
    I purchased this app last year and seems to be gone from my app list....Is there an expiration?
    • Backchannel Chat - Hi there,
      Yes I believe the Edmodo store licensing is per year.

      • Dec 11, 2014
  • Ms. Bonham's avatar
    What would the character in The Crucible have to say to each other?
  • Backchannel Chat's avatar
    We've added a new feature to Backchannel Chat. Now teachers can collect realtime responses from students directly in the chat. Need to ask a simple question like 'are you ready' or 'do you understand', now you can see all the responses come in and view how the students have answered.
  • Mrs. Haisten's avatar
    This app is NOT working! I can't even get it to launch!
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BackChannel Chat is a real time discussion tool designed for educational use.

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