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Apps from Actualconcepts use highly visual and interactive simulations, experiments and games that will help students experience a deep and meaningful understanding of Physics & Maths concepts. All these apps are touch enabled as well, to provide a real experience of performing an activity.They can be used on any internet-enabled device or touch enabled device. Website -
Prekindergarten - Higher Education
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    Voxel LITE and Voxel Full versions released today on iPad -

    Link to demo :

    Link to store :

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    I was going to purchase the cross word puzzle app for a class I have this semester. Since the price is per group, will I have to re-purchase the app next year for the same class.

    • Actual Concepts
      Actual Concepts said Jan 8, 2016

      Hi Mrs.Powell, Thanks for your interest in purchasing cross-word app. To answer your question - Yes, as per Edmodo policies, the price of the app and the licensing is - per year per group. So it needs to be re-purchased for next year as well. Best regards.

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    Does the Annotater tool work with pdf documents?

    • Actual Concepts
      Actual Concepts said Dec 8, 2015

      Hi Mr.Karmel, The annotator tool was designed only to open image formats. PDF capability is not supported. Thanks

    • Mr. Karmel
      Mr. Karmel said Dec 8, 2015

      Any chance that feature will be added??

    • Actual Concepts
      Actual Concepts said Dec 9, 2015

      Currently we are not planning to add this feature. However I could suggest an alternate option, if you will. You could take a print-screen of the pdf page and save it as an image format. This image can be annotated inside the annotator tool and you could save the image along with the annotations. I believe this alternate option would also allow you to save an annotated image. With pdf files, it is not possible to save annotated pdf's.

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    I just installed the Brainstorm App and paid for it, but when I load it, all I get is an advertisement and no ability to launch the app...Help!

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    Good day to all. I am assigned as the Coordinator of Senior High School effective next school year. I am asking for your help to provide me resources and materials that can help me fulfill my job. Thank you very much in advance and God bless!

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    App eGeometry released on windows store! You can completely replace the regular geometry box that have sharp & pointy tools. Also it helps you go green and save paper! Here is the link on windows app store ( note you need windows 8.1 to download and run this app) - You can try it for free for a day before you plan to buy it! Link below

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    Hello, I wanted to try annotater to see if it would work for me. Do you offer trials?

    • Actual Concepts
      Actual Concepts said Mar 4, 2015

      Dear Karyn, Sorry there is no trial offer. However you can purchase the app and request credit back with edmodo in case you do not see the app meeting your requirements. Thanks.

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    3D solid shapes app is now enhanced with
    - nets for all solid shapes
    - Quiz

    IMPORTANT - To get upgraded to this version for the users who have already purchased it, please delete your browser cookies and cache and relaunch the app!

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    3D Solid shapes and Cube nets App on edmodo store! You can navigate and explore the shapes / nets in 3D! Click the link below

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    I just purchased the Gamify-Digestive System, and the app is not working for me or the students. It goes to the AC home page with nothing about the digestive system anywhere. :( Help, please? Thanks!

    • Actual Concepts
      Actual Concepts said Jan 28, 2015

      Could you please check this today? I believe this should work. If you are still facing an issue, could you please do the following steps -
      1. un-install and re-install the app,
      2. Clear all the browser cache and reopen the app.
      If you still face any issues, then please let me know.

    • Mallory Barnhart
      Mallory Barnhart said Jan 28, 2015

      It works! Thank you so much!

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