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  • Karyn Doss's avatar
    Hello, I wanted to try annotater to see if it would work for me. Do you offer trials?
    • Actual Concepts - Dear Karyn, Sorry there is no trial offer. However you can purchase the app and request credit back with edmodo in case you do not see the app meeting your requirements. Thanks.

      • Mar 4, 2015
  • Actual Concepts's avatar
    3D solid shapes app is now enhanced with
    - nets for all solid shapes
    - Quiz

    IMPORTANT - To get upgraded to this version for the users who have already purchased it, please delete your browser cookies and cache and relaunch the app!
  • Actual Concepts's avatar
    3D Solid shapes and Cube nets App on edmodo store! You can navigate and explore the shapes / nets in 3D! Click the link below
  • Mallory Barnhart's avatar
    I just purchased the Gamify-Digestive System, and the app is not working for me or the students. It goes to the AC home page with nothing about the digestive system anywhere. :( Help, please? Thanks!
    • Actual Concepts - Could you please check this today? I believe this should work. If you are still facing an issue, could you please do the following steps -
      1. un-install and re-install the app,
      2. Clear all the browser cache and reopen the app.
      If you still face any issues, then please let me know.

      • Jan 28, 2015
    • Mallory Barnhart - It works! Thank you so much!

      • Jan 28, 2015
  • Ms. Carr's avatar
    I'm interested in the Brainstorm-Multiplayer app. I teach STEM and we do lots of projects where the class is broken down into small groups. Is there a way for a teacher to create/host multiple small group brainstorming sessions separately but simultaneously in this app? And is progress saved and accessible in future brainstorming sessions or is it lost once the session is closed? Thanks!
    • Actual Concepts - Dear Ms. Carr, If you have multiple instances of the same app running (either on different machines OR on separate tabs of the browser), then its possible to create and host multiple small group brainstorming sessions simultaneously. You need to create different group codes in different browser windows and share the relevant group code with that group. I think this is how you could accomplish this - Open edmodo page and the Brainstorm app on multiple tabs of Chrome browser. Create different group codes in each tab and share them with the respective groups. I think this setup more...
      • Jan 23, 2015
    • Actual Concepts - Currently the app doesn't support saving the progress. You can only take a screenshot and save it as an image

      • Jan 23, 2015
  • Ms. Dixon's avatar
    I am having difficulty launching the annotator- it keeps on shutting down.
    • Ms. Dixon - It is working. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I re-installed it and it worked.

      • Jan 14, 2015
    • Actual Concepts - Glad to know it worked. Thanks

      • Jan 15, 2015
  • Actual Concepts's avatar
    3D Earth and Space app released on iPad ! Check it out at-

    Check out the video on this app-
  • Actual Concepts's avatar
    iPad Physics App - Complete set of interactive Physics simulations(more than 100+ sims) @ 25% discount. Link below on iTunes app store.
  • Actual Concepts's avatar
    New 3D Moon phases app on edmodo store launched ! This app will enable your students to visualize phases of moon in 3D and drive away several misconceptions. Click the link below to open the app in edmodo store
  • Actual Concepts's avatar
    Are you facing a challenge teaching balancing chemical equations to your kids? This new App on iPhone / iPad - Our highly successful app "Gamify-Balancing chemical eqns" on iPad is released for iPhone too. With this app kids can easily learn to balance any chemical equations iTunes link for this app on iPhone:
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Apps from Actualconcepts use highly visual and interactive simulations, experiments and games that will help students experience a deep and meaningful understanding of Physics & Maths concepts. All these apps are touch enabled as well, to provide a real experience of performing an activity.They can be used on any internet-enabled device or touch enabled device. Website -

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